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CA Data Content Discovery

Find and control regulated mainframe data and classify for compliance.

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Compliance and adherence to regulations is a critical business need to help prevent data breaches and the associated consequences. CA Data Content Discovery will assist you in addressing potential audit findings and risk controls.

Mainframe data is at the heart of the data center and critical to the success of your business. With the mainframe collecting data for over 50 years, there is a vast amount of data on the platform and locating regulated or sensitive data is time consuming and often impossible. Couple that with the constant motion of data for testing and support, unwanted copies of data are landing up in unpredictable places with inappropriate access controls.

CA Data Content Discovery helps you identify data exposure risks on z Systems by scanning through the mainframe data infrastructure. Data that is scanned includes data that may be highly regulated in multiple vertical sectors or other non-public data sources deemed critical to your business. By discovering where the data is located, classifying the data to determine sensitivity level and providing comprehensive reporting on the scan results, data can be protected and exposure risks can be mitigated.

Identifying the location of the data is the key to help mitigate risk associated with the retention of data. Once the location is known, the right business decisions can be made to secure, encrypt, archive, or delete the data identified.

CA Data Content Discovery. Real results, right now.


Gain critical insight into the magnitude of potential data exposure on z Systems™.


Prove to auditors that controls exist for identifying and reporting on sensitive data.


Stay 100 percent in control of your mainframe data.

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