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“I can’t do anything until I have everything, and I never have access to everything.”

Is this you when you’re developing apps because you don’t have all the components you need to test and validate during development? No problem. With CA Service Virtualization, you can develop apps better, faster and cheaper. You’ll have all the systems you need to bring ideas to life available virtually.

96% reduction in user wait time
35% fewer errors
50% faster delivery of user experience

Missing something?

Do you ever feel that something’s missing when you’re developing your apps? You deserve to have it all. With CA Service Virtualization, you can. It emulates missing, unavailable, or costly components or systems, so you can find and fix errors long before you get to production—enabling teams to test and validate anything at any point of the development cycle.

Service Virtualization is a fundamental shift in the way you develop and test software today. It can be defined as a “smarter mock/stub” or even as the “wind tunnel of software.” Either way, it’s a new way for developers and testers to “have everything” they need when they need it in order to be as efficient as possible.

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"Able to work in parallel work streams."

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These days when anything costs something, here are a few resources for you to get started and minimal or no costs.

“Karl Miller, once a Sr. Solutions Architect looking for a solution to solve testing and reliability issues, joined CA to bring CA Service Virtualization to the World.”

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