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CA Application Performance Management (CA APM) Implementation Services

CA Application Performance Management (CA APM) allows business services delivery across physical, virtual, cloud and mainframe environments. It provides access to integrated UX data to help you prioritize problem resolution and manage SLAs. The largest, most innovative global organizations use CA APM to manage the applications they rely upon to drive revenue and strengthen their brand while making every transaction a loyalty-building interaction.

CA Services helps you implement CA APM so you can improve IT service, align IT and business and drive efficiency. CA Services helps you configure CA APM to your needs so you get the right metrics, at the right time, to make better management decisions.

Business Challenges

  • Manage application explosion and complexity in a cloud-computing era. Understanding the performance of services that you may not own end-to-end makes it difficult to identify and resolve issues. Businesses must manage transactions and user experiences with confidence.
  • Make sense of APM big data. APM solutions collect more data than ever, but operations teams must make sense of it. Intelligent analytics solutions must simultaneously analyze multiple metrics and capture actionable data that can drive decisions.
  • Ensure the best mobile experience. New end-points such as tablets and smart phones require that businesses to provide users with a reliable experience from applications and that native apps built specifically for mobile O/S work flawlessly.
  • Assist developers in creating quality apps. Operations must provide developers with real-world production data to help identify performance issues before applications go into production. Application lifecycle optimization—or DevOps—is critical for reducing the risk of faulty application rollouts.
  • User-centric design addresses changing buyer and user profiles, to deliver applications that reflect both understanding and solving problems.

Key Outcomes

  • Improve implementation with CA Services to help you overcome challenges and reduce risk.
  • Improve productivity, time-to-value and ROI with tailored implementation.
  • Reduce IT costs and errors by providing improved delivery of IT Services.
  • Optimize and standardize operations by automating APM tasks and providing key metrics.

Key Service Features

  • Mobile-to-mainframe insight provided for visibility of transactions to and from mobile device to mainframe/database.
  • Enterprise scale capability captures critical metrics daily to verify transactions.
  • Intelligent behavior analytics redefine triage to correlate multiple metrics automatically.
  • Modeling of application infrastructure supports incident triage and root-cause diagnosis.
  • Detailed internal application monitoring is visible from end-user perspective.
  • Simply adaptive solution has role-based dashboards, visualization and reporting for application metrics, delivered to mobile devices.
  • Acceleration services are available to optimize integrations.
  • Enhanced functionality and augmented capabilities minimize configuration and deployment effort, minimizing disruption.

Offering Overview

CA Services helps you get the most from CA APM, allowing you to optimally monitor the UX in real time, triaging performance issues and evaluating user impact. CA Services can assist you with determining how to use the data to improve the design and architecture of your applications, for a lower down time and faster response time. CA Services works with you to identify and document requirements and establish a metrics baseline to measure improvements in service delivery and processes. Using a phased approach, CA Services experts guide you through the process, utilizing best practices developed over thousands of engagements.

CA APM relational database services (RDS) with SAP® Extended Diagnostics provides a fixed-price approach for in-production monitoring. All deployments include standard features, with available options packages. CA Services helps you rapidly deploy the solution, starting with foundation services to speed deployment while acceleration services can help you extend the value of CA APM.

Foundation Services

CA APM foundation services implement and configure base functionality. It provides an extensible, modular architecture with a common framework for delivering a range of application performance management.

It offers end-to-end monitoring of all transactions for an application, modeling of the infrastructure to support incident triage and root-cause diagnoses and monitoring of both websites and UX. Foundation services provide detailed internal application monitoring end-to-end and visualization of real-time application health and performance data through dashboards. They also enable visualization and reporting for internal application metrics.

A typical CA APM foundation services deployment consists of:

  • CA Introscope®
  • CA Introscope® Workstation
  • CA Customer Experience Manager (CA CEM)
  • CA Application Performance Management Transaction Impact Monitor
  • Java™ Agent and .NET Agent
  • Environment Performance Agent (EP Agent)
  • PowerPacks and Extensions to extend the capability of your foundation implementation and to provide advanced performance management for specific metrics aligned to specific IT components, whether they are network or system, distributed or mainframe and infrastructure or security.

Acceleration Services

Acceleration Services extend the value of your solution and include:

  • Application Behavior Analytics (ABA)
  • CA APM Cloud Monitor
  • Cross-Enterprise Application Performance Management
  • CA Executive Insight for Service Assurance
  • Browser Response Time Monitor (BRTM)
  • CA Single Sign-On Integration
  • CA Infrastructure Management 2.0 (CA IM 2.0) Integration
  • CA Service Operations Insight (CA SOI) Integration 
  • CA Application Delivery Analysis Integration
Packaged Work Products (PWP)
  • Business Activity Monitoring Plug-In for CA CEM
  • Deployment Pack for CA Introscope with Citrix
  • Deployment Pack for CA APM with IBM AS/400
  • Deployment Pack for CA APM with IBM WebSphere DataPower
  • Deployment Pack for CA APM with Windows PerfMon
  • Deployment Pack for CA Introscope with SNMP
  • Enterprise Summary Engine for CA APM
  • SAP ABAP Deployment Pack for CA APM
  • SAP ABAP Transaction Code Monitor for CA APM
  • CA APM Monitor for CA Clarity
Run-and-operate Services
CA Services offers run-and-operate services for CA APM, SAP Extended Diagnostics (SED), CA Introscope and CA Customer Experience Manager. Add subject matter experts, leverage virtual CA solution experts and reduce implementation risk and disruption.