CA Business Service Insight Implementation Services

With CA Business Service Insight (CA BSI), organizations can proactively manage and automate monitoring of business and technology service level agreements (SLAs) and service delivery agreements. The solution provides real time visibility for service level management across your business and technology infrastructure to improve your understanding of the performance and cost implications of service agreements.

CA BSI Implementation Services help enterprises and service providers to deploy the solution quickly, accelerate adoption and to extend reporting and solution integration to meet your requirements.

Business Challenges

Many IT organizations rely on a manual, reactive approach to managing and reporting against service level commitments. Such an approach is costly, error prone and leads to a culture of conflict between those providing the service and the internal or external consumers of the service.

The result is that the service provider expends unnecessary time and resources reacting to issues after the costs have been incurred, developing and managing custom measurements to justify inferior results while over-delivering on other areas. Accountability to meet performance obligations declines and customer dissatisfaction can cause the cycle and costs to recur. 

Key Outcomes

  • Realize cost savings. Implement a single solution for end–to–end service level management (SLM). 
  • Improve customer service. Document, measure and report on service level attainment. 
  • Align IT Service Management with the business. Deploy an SLM platform that presents service data in an actionable business context.
  • Reduce risk, improve regulatory compliance. Improve reporting accuracy and timeliness.

 Key Service Features    

 CA BSI Implementation Services help you deploy your solution to:

  • Manage service delivery templates. Manage a library of templates allowing for the controlled creation of service level contracts.
  • Manage service level contracts. Provide a mechanism to support the full lifecycle management of contractual service level obligations between the provider and the receiver of a service. 
  • Manage the internal service delivery CMDB. Manage the internal service delivery CMDB to contain the configuration items (CIs) relevant to SLM. 
  • Gather and link data. Gather data from data sources and link them to specified metrics in the appropriate contracts.
  • Calculate service levels. Process service levels using raw data which are aggregated and analyzed.
  • Issue service level reports. Report upon calculated performance of the contractual metrics.

Offering Overview

CA Business Service Insight Implementation Services help deploy your IT service management solution to improve service monitoring, reporting and performance.

Working with your team, CA Services will implement and configure CA BSI, build a catalog of services and metrics by which to measure them, develop a service contract management framework and enable the internal service delivery CMDB to maintain the required configuration items for IT Service Management (ITSM).

Foundation Services for CA BSI set up the core solution capabilities, establish data links to populate the solution and initiate service level reporting and monitoring.

Acceleration Services for CA BSI are optional offerings which extend reporting and integration of the core solution.

Once deployed, CA BSI can enhance your organization’s ability to capture performance targets, define how these targets will be measured, monitor service performance against targets in real time and automate performance reporting between the service provider and the service consumer. 

Foundation Services

Foundation Services for CA Business Service Insight deploys and configures CA BSI to assist the customer with the management and automation of service level reporting. These services deliver a technology-based solution that supports the following aspects of the service level management capability:

  • Managing the lifecycle of service level contracts.
  • Calculating the service level performance against defined and agreed upon performance targets as captured in service level contract metrics.
  • Establishing support processes for proactive service level management.
  • Automating service level report management.

Acceleration Services

Acceleration Services from CA Services extend the capabilities of your initial solution deployment. Acceleration Services for CA BSI include:

Extended Reporting Acceleration Services. Deliver additional report favorites, booklets, free forms and dashboards not included with Foundation Services.

Extended Integration Acceleration Services. Enable additional content to be deployed through the integration of CA BSI with an additional data source, configure the corresponding business logic modules and metrics, and provide reporting for those metrics.

CA BSI provides a technology-based solution to support an organization’s effort to manage IT service performance by fostering accountability of the services provided, aligning service performance to contracted obligations, and establishing a collaborative environment for monitoring and reporting service performance.

The foundation and acceleration deployment model can reduce the complexity, cost and time it takes to effectively adopt a SLM framework. This proven model allows you to grow where and when you need while building a cost-effective platform that delivers business value through its lifecycle.