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CA PPM Packaged Work Products

Packaged Work Products from CA Services extend the value of your CA Technologies solutions. Developed and supported by the Global Delivery team within CA Services, these offerings provide benefits such as: 

  • Delivering additional integration
  • Enhancing functionality that provides value to new users and additional audiences
  • Providing industry-specific configurations
  • Augmenting analytic capabilities with powerful report libraries and executive dashboards

Packaged Work Products from CA Technologies include software code and documentation. These pre-built components from Global Delivery can be deployed and adopted quickly with little disruption to your IT operations and staff. Global Delivery can also provide tailored Packaged Work Products to meet specific customer requirements.

Timesheet Validation for CA PPM
Timesheet Validation for CA PPM offers a flexible approach for validation of complex customer-specific business rules for time entry. This packaged work product can increase the integrity of data actuals submitted and streamline time submissions. It can provide real-time or process oriented validation of time entries.

Data Integrity Assurance for CA PPM
Data Integrity Assurance for CAPPM helps CA PPM administrators identify and correct data entries that violate defined criteria. The criteria for data integrity are defined within 52 configurable business rules that can be modified, and activated or deactivated to meet requirements. When violations to business rules occur, the offending data is displayed in portlets where users and administrators can address issues.

Data Extraction for CA PPM
Data Extraction for CA PPM allows users in on-premise and on-demand environments to define, schedule or run (ad hoc) data extraction jobs directly from the CA PPM user interface. Jobs can be configured to query specific data and capture results in a wide range of industry standard file formats. Jobs can also be configured to append or over-write data in existing files or, to generate new extract files with unique timestamps. Data extracts can be integrated with other 3rd-party systems including Microsoft SharePoint, Oracle and SAP and others. Files can also be retained within CA PPM folders for convenient access and viewing.

KPI Monitor for CATM PPM
KPI Monitor for CA PPM helps users including project managers and executives monitor critical CA PPM data through defined business performance metrics and exceptions. With KPI Monitor from CA PPM, data is presented in a convenient dashboard as key performance indicators (KPIs) and exceptions to established thresholds. The KPIs and exception-based presentation of data allow users to proactively monitor business performance metrics and focus on high priority issues that need attention. It also reduces the need to run reports and perform repetitive ad hoc data analysis which can be time consuming and prone to error.

Project Adapter for CA PPM
Projects Adapter for CA PPM enables bi-directional data exchange between external project accounting systems and CA PPM to synchronize Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) and resource assignments.

Financial Transaction Adapter for CA PPM
Financial Transactions Adapter for CA PPM automates data loads to CA PPM from customers’ external finance and accounting systems such as JD Edwards, Oracle, PeopleSoft and SAP.

Excel Transaction integration
This adapter will allow users to create transactions from EXCEL file. The Configuration tab contains the various options such as the sections that should be read by this utility and added/updated in the environments

Calendar Integration for CA PPM
Calendar Integration for CA PPM helps resources populate calendars, such as Microsoft Outlook calendars, with project appointments from CA PPM. When a resource is allocated to a CA PPM project for a specific date and time, the solution can automatically generate an appointment using iCalendarstandard (ICS) format and will send the new or updated appointment to the email account associated with that resource’s profile in CA PPM. The ICS appointment format is supported by many email clients such as Google Calendar, Apple iCal And IBM Lotus Notes. Calendar Integration for CA PPM is optimized to support fields in Microsoft Outlook. 

Data Migration for CA PPM
Data Migration for CA PPM allows administrators to import project and portfolio data from external sources into CA PPM. This Java-based utility includes predefined rules which validate records prior to import. With no special programming, users can define source and destination field mappings which are saved in CA PPM as configurations that can be modified and re-used for additional import jobs. The utility also includes BACKUP and RESTORE facilities to help users manage configurations. Data Migration for CA PPM supports importing data stored in flat files (.csv, .txt) or Microsoft Office Excel files (.xlsx, .xlsxm).

Allocation Editor for CA PPM
Allocation Editor for CA PPM provides an overview of all projects at-a-glance and processes resource allocations for all projects in CA PPM. The packaged work product can depict additional information including requested, released or actual utilizations. The color-coded display allows for quick identification of overloaded resources.

Assignment Editor for CA PPM
Assignment Editor (v.3) for CA PPM allows you to plan assignments directly via the CA PPM web interface without the need to connect to Open Workbench or Microsoft Project. With this packaged work product you can effectively edit assignments on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis for all projects. It is also provides a visual representation of current resource utilization with highlighted capacity overloads for quick at-a-glance views.

Time Actuals Adapter for CA PPM
Time Actuals Adapter for CA PPM automates data loads to CA PPM from multiple third party time entry systems. Detailed employee timesheet data can be aggregated, normalized and loaded into CA PPM then associated with CA PPM projects for better reporting, billing and chargeback management.

CA PPM - Microsoft Excel Interface for Transactions
CA PPM - Microsoft Excel Interface for Transactions can be used as an add-on to CA PPM and can be used by a finance teams or project managers to create Labor and non-labor transactions or adjustments in CA PPM. This integration augments CA PPM transaction creation by offering functionality to bulk load transactions when users do not want to create them one transaction at a time within CA PPM.

CA PPM Integration Framework
This packaged work product is designed to import mapping data into CA PPM from external third party systems like: JIRA, ALM, PeopleSoft, SAP, etc.

Cost Plan Adapter for CA PPM
This packaged work product is designed to import Cost Plan Information into CA PPM.

CA PPM - Microsoft Excel Interface for Resource Management
CAPPM - Microsoft Excel Interface for resource can be used as an add-on to CA PPM and can be used by resource manager to create resource or update resource properties. This integration augments CA PPM by offering functionality to: update resource properties – management, financials, custom single sign on

Salesforce Integration for CA PPM
Salesforce Integration for CA PPM can be used to convert a Salesforce opportunity to a CA PPM project and to update existing Salesforce opportunity with project delivery status from CA PPM.