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CA Privileged Identity Manager Implementation Services

The CA Privileged Identity Manager solution provides a comprehensive platform for host access control and management of privileged users or shared accounts in both physical and virtual environments. CA Privileged Identity Manager Implementation Services provides configurable deployment options for your identity management solution to help protect critical data and deliver fine grained access control. With assistance from the CA Services security professionals, you can ensure the job is done right using industry best practices coupled with the experience gained from thousands of implementations in all environments.

Business Challenges

Enterprises are facing growing challenges of protecting the sensitive data and applications residing on their servers as well as the need to meet complex regulatory requirements. These demands require you to control the actions of users to manage their access to systems and be able to prove that resources are accessed only by authorized employees and only when they need it. Challenging times require the experience and expertise of a partner who has been there. You face many hurdles such as:

  • Building an effective privileged identity management infrastructure requires expertise and experience and you may want to leverage outside resources to reduce risk and disruption to your environment.
  • Planning for the lifecycle of a privileged identity management solution takes a solid maturity model and a realistic approach to achieve your long term goals, objectives and compliance requirements.
  • Resources may be stretched and you need your people working on what’s important to the business—growing and succeeding in a global environment.

Key Outcomes

  • Provides for an easy entry point to meet your privileged identity management requirements and business goals.
  • Delivers a clear maturity path and plan for your privileged identity management solution that fits your unique requirements.
  • Helps reduce risk and improve the quality of your solution implementation.
  • Helps achieve fast time-to-value and ROI from your software investment as your requirements change and evolve with the business.

Key Service Features

Centralized Management. Delivers selfservice portal to securely provision and de-provision resources and services.

Authentication Management. Provides policy-based rules to define access rights and helps achieve a common authentication platform for heterogeneous environments.

Shared Account Management. Control how privileged users access and use systems and data.

Access Management. Policy-based segregation of duties model.

Traceability and Logging. Allows for auditing of user access, activity reporting and notification.

Report Generation. Central repository for event aggregation for compliance.

Offering Overview

CA Services provides you with the implementation of CA Privileged Identity Manager that delivers enterprise management functionality quickly to begin to build on a solution to help control access to critical servers, applications and devices across physical and virtual systems.

Start with the Foundation, and then add the Acceleration Services to deliver the functionality and capability best suited to your access control solution maturity path. CA Services professionals work with you throughout the entire implementation to help ensure success with our unique configurable offering to meet your specific business needs. Using proven methodologies and industry best practices, we provide the following:

– Review of your requirements

– Documentation of requirements and design

– Documentation of “As-Is” and “To-Be” state and highlight process impact

– Deployment and configuration of CA Privileged Identity Manager tailored to meet your needs

– Unit and user acceptance testing

– Documentation of the configured solution

– Knowledge transfer for your admin team

Foundation Services

Success starts with a good foundation. CA Services provides you with a foundation implementation of CA Privileged Account Manager that quickly delivers centralized management functionality and an initial building block to help control access to critical servers, applications and devices across physical and virtual systems in your enterprise.

The foundational service:

  • Provides for an easy entry point to meet your access control requirements and business goals
  • Delivers a clear maturity path and plan for your access control solution that fits your unique requirements
  • Helps achieve faster time-to-value and quick ROI from your software investment as your requirements change and evolve with the business

In addition to the CA Privileged Account Manager Foundation Services you will have the option to continue on your maturity path using the CA Services acceleration model to help move your access control solution forward-tailored to your enterprise’s requirements.

Acceleration Services

After you have implemented the foundation service you can consider acceleration services which you will need to further build out and enhance the functionality and maturity of your privileged identity management infrastructure. Start with the foundation, then add acceleration services to increase solution capability including:

End Point Management (ENDPT) Acceleration Services provides an out of the box (OOTB) deployment with a limited number of endpoints to guide you in developing your own monitoring and protection policies.

Shared Account Management (SAM) Acceleration Services provide an OOTB deployment to enable you to manage access for privileged accounts.

UNIX Authentication Management (UNAB) Acceleration Services installs and configures OOTB login and configuration policies and endpoints to allow UNIX and Linux users to authenticate using their Active Directory (AD) credentials.

Capacity Acceleration Services (ENDPT, SAM or UNAB) extend the applicable implementation infrastructure to support additional endpoints.

CA User Activity Reporting Acceleration Services install and configure the log aggregation tool to collect log events from the different components of the overall solution. These events will be used by the service to produce compliance reports.

Enterprise Management (ENTM) Capacity Acceleration Services expand upon the ENTM foundation services to support additional endpoint/resource protection for shared user management and/or UNAB endpoints.

ENTM Failover Deployment Options provide redundancy for the enterprise management implementation.

ENTM Disaster Recovery Deployment Options provide disaster recovery for the enterprise management implementation.

The foundation and acceleration deployment model can reduce complexity, cost, and time it takes to effectively adopt a privileged account management solution. This proven model allows you to grow where and when you need, while building a cost effective security infrastructure that delivers business value through its lifecycle with a clear maturity path.