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CA Project & Portfolio Management Implementation Services

CA Services provides your organization with a highly configurable, modular implementation of CA Project & Portfolio Management (CA PPM) which offers powerful options to extend your deployment through proven, out-of-the-box capabilities. These capabilities, which are based on carefully prescribed business use cases, can be scaled and deployed in a sequence that best meets your priorities to maximize investment results, strengthen governance and reporting and improve efficiencies. The optional capabilities focus on:

  • Project execution
  • Aligning resources 
  • Financial management
  • Managing ideas and incidents
  • Balancing portfolios 
  • Formalizing resource requests
  • Capturing information across applications, assets, products, ideas and projects to enable visibility and informed decision-making

Business Challenges

Organizations need a robust PPM solution which supports them tactically and strategically and which provides value for both project-oriented resources and business management. This need applies to organizations transitioning from “PPM-by-spreadsheets” to support new growth and operational efficiencies and to those with large, dynamic portfolios of projects and resources.

Without a strong solution, organizations can become mired tracking time of resources, misalign resources to projects and fail to provide management with information they need to gauge progress toward business objectives, forecast demand and assess financial returns. These missed opportunities result in:

  • Higher costs which divert limited resources from important projects, programs and investments
  • Greater execution risks which can undermine an organization’s willingness to pursue other high-value initiatives
  • Poor alignment between project commitments and business priorities which impedes innovation and competitiveness
  • Opaque processes and information systems that provide little real-time value for making well-informed decisions

Key Outcomes

  • Accelerated time-to-value using a phased delivery across project, resource and portfolio management
  • Strong focus on business outcomes
  • Flexibility without extensive customization
  • Prescriptive approach supported by proven best practices
  • Easier to support and upgrade

Key Service Features

Prescriptive roadmaps from subject matter experts. Speed solution adoption for greater maturity for project and portfolio management.

Modular approach. Align your deployment to top business priorities while lowering risk.

Reference architecture. Simplify maintenance and upgrades.

Pre-built content. Improve overall results.

Mentoring and knowledge transfer. Improve product usage.

Agile, waterfall or mixed project management. Support a wide range of PPM needs.

Offering Overview

CA PPM provides extensive capabilities that span project, resource and portfolio management. It captures demand information for idea, financial and program management to improve investment returns, resource utilization and operations. CA PPM helps organizations align business strategies with the programs, projects and tasks that support them by helping to ensure people are working on the right things at the right time, keeping strategy aligned with execution.

Implementation Services for CA PPM provide your organization with a robust and predictable solution platform. Organizations can adopt core capabilities for project, resource and portfolio management or select individual foundation services focused on a particular discipline and acceleration services that align more directly to specific capabilities to achieve desired outcomes.

Foundation Services

Foundation Services for CA PPM help provide a benchmark PPM infrastructure that is simpler, more easily maintained and readily expanded.

Project Management Foundation Services: Enable tracking projects, assessing risks, evaluating performance versus historical project data and calculating basic financial metrics using actual, budgeted or forecast costs and benefits.

Resource Management Foundation Services: These services define standard resource roles, align resources to those roles, establish resource profile information and associate calendars to resources and performance application management activities.

Portfolio Management Foundation Services: These services establish standard definitions for project portfolios and align investment content to portfolios so you can perform high-level portfolio assessments including top-down planning supported with drill-down capabilities to view investment-level detail and idea management.

Combined PPM Foundation Services: Define, process and report on the most commonly utilized project, resource and portfolio management capabilities.

Acceleration Services

Acceleration services are prescriptive, modular offerings that enhance capabilities for CA PPM. Designed for quick deployment, they are built on clearly delineated use cases focused on high-value outcomes.

Manage project execution: Delivers key project information through a single pane of glass and in management reports for an enterprise view

Manage project financials: Enhances business insight for projects and portfolios to monitor and improve investment returns

Align resources: Helps improve resource utilization by providing detailed resource availability, profile and investment demand information

Manage ideas: Supports managing ideas more efficiently to foster collaboration and traceability

Manage incidents: Provides management and time tracking of events in the form of incidents

Manage portfolios: Provides insight into groups of related investments for more comprehensive cost and risk management analysis

Balance portfolios: Provides what-if insight into groups of related investments to determine impact analysis

Reporting services: Provides assistance to improve use of PPM information, optimize reporting and, consolidate and convert legacy reports

To support total cost of ownership analysis, organizations can deploy the following acceleration services:

  • Manage Applications
  • Manage Assets
  • Manage Products