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CA Service Virtualization Implementation Services

CA Service Virtualization enables application developers to develop in parallel and find defects earlier in the software development lifecycle (SDLC) process. It simulates constrained or unavailable systems across the software development lifecycle and within your existing development and testing frameworks and software integration tools of choice. From service virtualization and test automation to data and scenario management and data mining, CA Service Virtualization is a robust solution that can deliver critical functionality and faster results.

Business Challenges

Increased demand for faster software release cycles require developers, testers and performance teams to work in parallel. However, defects and performance flaws remain costly and time-consuming to repair. Limited visibility makes it difficult to find root causes for software defects or performance declines once it is reported in production. Meanwhile, the complexity and constraints of composite application development can sideline efforts, even with an increased investment effort. And infrastructure costs can divert investments from resources and activities that could contribute to higher performance. To complicate matters further, availability and reliability challenges mount when multiple systems and components enter consideration from mergers, acquisitions or partner relationships.

Key Outcomes

  • Improve implementation quality and reduce risk. 
  • Improve productivity and time-to-value. 
  • “Shift quality left” for higher performance and less risk. 
  • Speed delivery with higher quality and reliability

Key Service Features

  • Reduce concurrent demand for performance and functional testing environments and hardware.
  • Reduce costly third-party usage fees from developing or testing against cloud-based or other shared services.
  • Evaluate application scalability by load testing at the component level.
  • Reduce challenges and costs of provisioning pre-production or testing environments that accurately represent production environments.
  • Shorten release cycles with effective development and validation strategy, virtualizing system behavior to reduce the need for complex test data management, system set-up and other complexities.
  • Meet growing demands of IT with “business in a box” to support mergers, acquisitions and partners without complex and expensive infrastructure replication.

Offering Overview

CA Service Virtualization provides the ability to simulate constrained or unavailable systems that conventional virtualization cannot address. It is designed to enable customers to more effectively develop in parallel and to find defects earlier in the development process.

CA Services provides the expertise and support you need to optimize your solution. First, our CA Services experts collaborate with you to identify and document your requirements and establish a metrics baseline that enables you to measure improvements in service delivery, compliance and from newly streamlined processes. CA Services will implement and configure your solution and assist you with the design, implementation and testing.

The CA Services Team is committed to positioning you for success by utilizing best practices developed over thousands of engagements to meet business requirements and accelerate value. We begin with Foundation services designed to help reduce lost productivity while accelerating time-to-value. Next, CA Services experts can help you extend the value of your solution with Acceleration services.

Foundation Services

CA Service Virtualization foundation services implement and configure a solution designed to reveal critical use cases for optimizing development environments. CA Services provides a customized set of support features to help each step of the way:

  • The extensible, modular architecture offers a common framework for deploying the current release of CA Service Virtualization.
  • Either foundation option is underpinned by the core CA Service Virtualization solution, part of our DevOps portfolio of products.
  • Collaboration between development and IT can bring the portfolio of IT technology and application forward in a cadence faster and enable more predictable releases.
  • CA Services experts will guide you through the design and decision process to help determine which option is right for your needs.
A typical CA Service Virtualization deployment includes one of these options:
  • CA Service Virtualization Quick Start Service uncovers critical use cases for optimizing development environments. It includes initial assessment, virtual service creation and deployment, go-live support and training.
  • CA Service Virtualization Value Release engages with you during a cycle of your SDLC. The CA Services team identifies services to be virtualized, creates the services and assists your use during the development cycle along with continuous mentoring and training.

Acceleration Services

Acceleration services extend the value of CA Service Virtualization by adding components that deliver additional benefits based on your unique requirements. The following acceleration services are available for CA Service Virtualization:

  • Test Automation Acceleration Services offer a complete and collaborative automated testing solution designed for composite applications and other distributed application architectures that leverage SOA, BPM, integration suites, cloud and ESBs. It provides a code-less testing environment to enable QA, development and others to rapidly design and execute automated unit, function, regression, system integration, load and performance tests.
  • Data Mining Acceleration Services provide visibility inside the application architecture, learning from production to automatically generate performance profiles, test scenarios, data and virtual service assets. This can effectively bridge the gap between IT operations and application development with actionable and current data that your teams can use immediately.