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CA Single Sign-On Implementation Services

CA Single Sign-On provides a comprehensive platform for secure web access control and federation in both physical and virtual environments. CA Single Sign-On Implementation Services provide configurable deployment options for your CA Single Sign-On solution to securely authenticate users and control access to sensitive web-based applications. 

Web and Cloud applications are critical for supporting online commerce, collaboration and other transactions that drive everyday business. Assistance from experienced CA Services security professionals using industry best practices coupled with the knowledge gained from thousands of implementations in all environments, will ensure your deployment is successful.

Business Challenges

Web-based resources such as portals, intranets and extranets are an increasingly critical part of your enterprise and its success. How you protect the way you transact business and communicate with your customers, employees, partners and others is crucial to your business. Implementing a holistic web access management solution successfully and with minimal disruption requires expertise from a partner who has been there. You may have concerns, such as: 

How do I build an effective Web Access Management infrastructure that requires expertise and experience that the organization may not possess? Could I ensure success and leverage skilled resources to minimize disruption?

How do I plan for the lifecycle of a web access control solution that requires an incremental strategy and realistic approach to achieve long term goals, objectives and compliance requirements?

Resources may be stretched and you need your people working on what’s important to the business; growing and succeeding in a global environment.

Key Outcomes

  • Provides for a structured, modular implementation to meet your web access management and federation requirements and business goals.
  • Delivers a well-defined evolutionary growth plan and functionality path for a web access control solution that fits your unique requirements.
  • Helps reduce risk and improve the quality of your CA Single Sign-On implementation. 
  • Helps achieve rapid time-to-value and ROI from your software investment as your needs change and evolve with the business.

Key Service Features

  • Single Sign-on Across Web Applications. Seamless integration of multiple user stores, authentication types and apps.
  • Improved Web Application protection Consistently enforces rules, policies and processes.
  • Centralized Policy Management. Single interface to manage access rules, roles and policies for protected web applications.
  • Activity and Access Reports. Simplify auditing with a single, integrated reporting repository and engine.
  • Simplified Web Application Security Development. Common security platform provides consistent centralized tools for all applications to utilize.
  • Identity Federation and Auditing across the user community-employees, partners and customers.

Solution Overview

The increased demand for new and enhanced online business services has been challenging for most organizations, especially considering that IT budgets are often flat. This new reality is the driving force behind efforts to reduce overall IT costs and to improve productivity for employees and how they interact with internal business services in an application economy. Skilled assistance from CA Services can help to leverage the industry-leading capability of CA Single Sign-On to close the gap between what IT can deliver and security objectives.

CA Services provides you with the implementation of CA Single Sign-On that delivers enterprise-level functionality quickly to begin to build on a solution to help control access to web resources, applications and devices across physical and virtual systems. 

Start with the Foundation Services, and then add Acceleration Services to deliver the functionality and capability best suited to your web access control needs. CA Services professionals work with you throughout the entire implementation to help ensure success with our unique configurable offering to meet your specific business needs. Using proven methodologies and industry best practices, CA Single Sign-On Implementation Services deliver the web access control you need with quality and confidence.

Foundation Services

Success starts with a good foundation. CA Single Sign-On Foundation Services provides for the implementation and configuration of the solution to deliver a basis for your web access management infrastructure. The foundation consists of the following components:

– CA Single Sign-On

– CA Access Gateway

– CA Directory

– CA Strong Authentication

Foundation Services for CA Single Sign-On includes:

  • Solution architecture, design and integration documentation based on use cases and your business goals
  • Installation & configuration of CA Single Sign-On (Current Release) into a specified set of environments                             

– Integration with an existing user directory, basic authentication scheme, and integration of test application to establish foundation functionality

  • Web Access Management capability
  • Federation capability                                                                                                                                           

– Improved Application Protection                                                                                                                         

– Centralized policy management                                                                                                                             

– Single sign-on across web applications                                                                                                                   

– Web and Web Service access management                                                                                                             

– Activity and access reporting                                                                                                                                

– Simplified web application security development                                                                                                     

– Protection of Enterprise and Cloud Boundary

  • Configuration and implementation documentation
  • Project management services, including a project management plan, project schedule and ongoing project reporting
  • Knowledge transfer for your staff

Acceleration Services

After you have implemented the Foundation Services you can consider acceleration services which you will need to further build out and enhance the functionality and maturity of your deployment of CA Single Sign-On. Start with the foundation, and then add acceleration services to increase solution capability and meet specific functional objectives.

Web Access Management and Federation Application Integration Acceleration Services extends the solution to provide integration with a wide variety of applications into policy driven single sign on using the most popular SSO architectures. 

Web Access Management and Federation Packaged Work Product Acceleration Services provide support for the definition and deployment of prebuilt packaged work product (PWP) to extend the capabilities and functional features of the solution.

Web Access Management and Federation Additional Configuration Acceleration Services enable the application of a broad set of configurability within CA Single Sign-On to meet specific business objectives. Examples include heightened session security, identity mapping, configuration of multiple SSO zones, or integration of additional user stores.

The foundation and acceleration deployment model can reduce complexity, cost, and time it takes to effectively adopt a web access management solution. This proven model allows you to grow where and when you need while building a cost effective security infrastructure that delivers business value through its lifecycle with a clear maturity path.