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CA Single Sign-On Upgrade Strategy Assessment Service

Help ensure a smooth and efficient upgrade with skilled planning assistance

Transform a potentially challenging task into a smooth and successful CA Single Sign-On (CA SSO) upgrade by leveraging the expertise of CA Services professionals. With advance planning, you can minimize disruption of your security environment while taking advantage of the most current features and functionality of CA SSO.

Supporting your business

The CA SSO Upgrade Strategy Assessment Service helps you plan for an upgrade to the latest version of CA SSO. This service accelerates transition and migration planning through the application of disciplined and proven assessment practices.

CA Services will analyze your current CA SSO environment to identify any potential upgrade challenges and identify opportunities to leverage new CA SSO features and functions. Recommendations are incorporated into a well thought out migration strategy and plan that helps minimize risk and service disruption. Knowledge transfer and CA Education training is recommended to help your staff become familiar with the features of the new version and how they can be leveraged by your organization. Take full advantage of the power of the latest version of CA SSO quickly with the CA Single Sign-On Upgrade Strategy Assessment Service.

Delivering business value

The CA Single Sign-On Upgrade Strategy Assessment Service delivers the following benefits:

  • Helps reduces the risk of upgrade surprises through advance planning and design
  • Delivers a solid, actionable and achievable upgrade plan
  • Leverages the skills of CA Services professionals who are knowledgeable about CA SSO and its new features and functions to help eliminate pitfalls and position you for success
  • Correlates CA SSO features and functions to your business requirements and goals
  • Speeds staff member learning curves and makes most efficient use of your internal staff

What you get

The CA Single Sign-On Upgrade Strategy Assessment Service provides you with: 

  • A review of your current implementation of CA SSO’s architecture and operational processes
  • An upgrade strategy report that summarizes the results of the assessment and outlines the recommended upgrade plan
  • A recommendation of optimal upgrade path and presentation of findings
  • A solution implementation approach, sample project plan and estimated effort for upgrade
  • One day of onsite knowledge transfer for your staff about new CA SSO release features

After the service is complete, you have the flexibility of performing the upgrade using your own staff or obtaining follow-on implementation services from CA Services.