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CA Workload Automation DE Implementation Services

CA Workload Automation DE helps simplify cross-enterprise workload automation with a single platform designed to be easy to use, install and manage. You can define, monitor and schedule event-driven workload automation tasks across enterprise applications and platforms which can reduce the need for scripts, disparate tools and manual processes.

CA Workload Automation DE uses built-in forecasting and simulation to anticipate and support informed decisions to resolve potential issues. Event triggers, alerts and dynamic path management can help your team remain in control of critical application workloads and vital business services. 

Implementation Services offer a comprehensive, proven approach to reduce project complexity with a carefully managed and phased implementation.

Business Challenges

Multiple user groups place demands on critical business systems and require timely responses and dependability. Most of these transaction demands traverse multiple systems while collecting data from multiple sources. Managing these and other interdependencies at an enterprise level makes it difficult to coordinate business processes end-to-end. This makes issue analysis and resolution difficult and time-consuming. Many IT organizations are rethinking how processes and jobs are managed and are moving toward real-time business workload automation to keep pace with demand. 

Job scheduling once represented a viable way to manage critical data center functions, however many enterprises have evolved past the point where scheduling simple tasks on a single platform at a specific time and date is adequate. Organizations are now challenged to:

  • Respond to thousands of users and requests for cross-platform processing.
  • Meet stringent SLAs.
  • Manage intricate interdependencies.
  • Support infrastructures assembled from both legacy and emerging technologies.
  • Access virtualized resource pools, often in cloud-enabled application infrastructure.
  • Control costs, risks and performance.

Key Outcomes

  • User-friendly interface to manage by exception and quickly assess downstream business impact
  • Simplified definition for schedules and calendars to schedule, run and manage workloads
  • Hassle-free reporting with integration to existing operating system security solutions 

Key Service Features

  • Improve implementation quality by leveraging CA Services expertise
  • Promote user adoption with CA Services support and best practices
  • Integrate with a wide range of other enterprise solutions, systems, agents and tools for end-to-end enterprise workload management
  • Improve workflow development effort with cross-platform and cross-application requirements included in CA Workload Automation DE instead of having to custom build
  • Improve visibility with single view into job administration, monitoring and control
  • Coordinate job scheduling between mainframe and distributed environments with centralized operations

Offering Overview

CA Workload Automation DE provides a central point of visibility and control to help manage production workloads effectively. CA Workload Automation DE is distinguished by its broad platform coverage, event-based architecture, intelligent resource management, flexible configuration, extensive automation options, and ease of use. This solution enables organizations to use business policies and SLAs as the key drivers for workload priorities. 

CA Workload Automation DE exposes workload functions and job flows as services to business applications which supports the management of high volumes of complex, business-critical workloads across your enterprise. Advanced functions for workload prioritization and load balancing help align workloads and resources to meet real-time business demands.

Help your team remain in control of critical application workloads and vital business services by implementing a powerful solution that has fewer moving parts, less complexity and that can reduce the product footprint while maximizing throughput. 

Foundation Services

CA Workload Automation DE Foundation Services are designed to implement and configure the base functionality. Foundation Services can address multiple deployment scenarios including the upgrade of existing deployments. The Foundation Services and capabilities are supported by: 

  • CA Workload Automation DE (formerly CA Workload Automation dSeries).

Acceleration Services

Acceleration Services enable you to add functionality to a foundation implementation that can extend the value of your solution.

Third-Party Agent Integration Acceleration Service

Improve end-to-end management of enterprise workloads by integrating with ERP systems and application automation agents. CA Workload Automation DE also enables you to integration with application modernization and migration, as well as the following data integration tools:

  • ERP Systems Integration

– CA Workload Automation Agent for SAP

– CA Workload Automation Agent for Oracle E-Business Suite

– CA Workload Automation Agent for PeopleSoft

  • Application Automation Agents Integration

– CA Workload Automation Agent for Application, Services and Web Services

– CA Workload Automation Agent for Databases

  • Application Modernization and Migration Integration

– CA Workload Automation Agent for Micro Focus

– CA Workload Automation Agent for Remote Execution 

  • Data Integration Tools Integration

– CA Workload Automation Agent for SQL Server