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Healthchecks from CA Technologies

After the initial implementation of your CA Technologies solution, your business objectives may have been met, but most IT environments are constantly changing. Healthchecks from CA Technologies assess the current state of your IT environment to adjust and improve solution performance and increase the effectiveness of your CA Technologies implementation.

Business Challenges

You have made important investments in CA software to drive competitive advantage. Getting IT right and managing change in your environments can be difficult. The initial implementation may have met your business objectives at the time, but applications and infrastructures are in a state of constant change.

Are you properly leveraging the existing tools to support workloads?

Do the goals of your initial software investment match your current needs?

Are you looking to grow or scale your business within the existing solution architecture?

Key Outcomes

  • Improve operational efficiencies and reduce administrative overhead.
  • Achieve greater system productivity with increased throughput and response times.
  • Expand system performance to support continued return on investment and business value from the implemented CA Technologies solution.
  • Align your current CA software implementation with current best practices and changes to your organization’s business and technical requirements.
  • Ensure scalability for projected growth and system architecture enhancement needs.
  • Build a roadmap for upgrades and ensure your system stays on current releases.

Key Services Features

  • Review of original expectations and goals of the implementation versus the current state.
  • Validation for the configuration, use cases and solution environments.
  • Recommend strategies and options to extend and enhance existing implementations.
  • Presentation of findings and documented report prioritizing recommendations for improving current CA Technologies implementation.

Offering Overview

CA Services professionals evaluate your current implementation to identify how well it is meeting your business objectives. A Healthcheck from CA Technologies delivers recommendations to enhance the value of your investment through process and technology improvements. Healthcheck service offerings are available for our entire portfolio of solutions including Mainframe, Service Virtualization, Release Automation, Service Management, Portfolio and Project Management, Mobile, Security, Workload Automation and Enterprise Management.

Our Services experts start a Healthcheck with a review of your original expectations and goals for the implementation, compared to the current state. We then conduct a validation for the configuration, use cases and solution environments to determine how the current state matches up to the implementation goals. After the configuration is evaluated we provide recommended strategies and options to extend or enhance your existing implementation with a documented report prioritizing recommendations for improving your current CA Technologies implementation. This information is also provided in a presentation of findings and recommendations, designed to help you maximize the business and technology value of your CA Technologies solution implementation.

With a Healthcheck from CA Technologies, you gain key strategic insight into your existing implemented CA solutions so you can feel confident that you are getting the most out of your CA Technologies investment.