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Migration Services

CA Panvalet, CA Librarian to CA Endevor Software Change Manager

CA Panvalet and CA Librarian provide powerful library management systems and storage mediums for source code, JCL objects and data for hundreds of mainframe platforms. The products can reduce the complexity and overhead associated with maintaining code by providing a single repository for visibility, security and control.

CA Endevor Software Change Manager (CA Endevor SCM) is the most widely used software change management product for the mainframe environment. It provides important added functionality and features including the ability to create and retain repeatable application processes and the ability to distribute application deployments across locations and data centers.

With the scheduled functional stabilization for CA Panvalet and CA Librarian, CA Services provides an efficient and low-risk means to migrate either product to CA Endevor SCM. From planning, data migration and integration, to testing and knowledge transfer, CA Services can make the transition quickly with confidence and value. 

Business Challenges

CA Panvalet and CA Librarian have been market-leading products in their category for decades, and can still provide customers a valuable tool for revision and source code management. Like all software products, they are coming to the end of their product lifecycle. Reaching such milestones prompt customers to take a long look at preserving the value these tools deliver, and in many cases consider technologically superior and more feature rich alternatives. Items to consider can include:

Am I missing out on technology innovations that newer product offerings can provide?

Can our existing processes be automated to save valuable time, resources and money in our software development lifecycle?

Should I subject my organization to the risk usually associated with functional stabilization lifecycle events?

Sun setting milestones of software tools can provide an opportunity to transition to functionally more robust technology available with CA Endevor SCM. 

Key Outcomes

  • Efficiently transition to the current release of the industry-leading CA Endevor SCM to eliminate stabilization issues (no further enhancements, just fixes and certifications).
  • Reduced maintenance costs by transitioning to currently supported product.
  • Maintain the stability and security of your code base while accelerating software development time across the enterprise.

Key Service Features

  • Broad portfolio of services to address the spectrum of technologies, platforms and requirements
  • 30 years of industry insight and experience gained from diligently working with public sector customers to address your specific IT needs
  • Recognized by industry analysts as technology leaders in a wide range of domains including identity and access governance, project and portfolio management, application services governance, cloud system management, service management and more

Offering Overview

Speed, accuracy and efficiency are the hallmark of migration services for CA Panvalet or CA Librarian to CA Endevor SCM. Our team of dedicated professionals– all with decades of experience– can deliver a seamless migration solution with proven tools, methodology and processes. CA Services migration methodology includes:

  • Assessment of your environment 
  • Implementation of a pilot application
  • Project planning 
  • Audit of the pilot to ensure data integrity
  • Architecture and configuration 
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Customization 
  • Application developers training
  • Project validation 
  • Migration of applications under CA Endevor SCM

Trust the CA Services experts for an efficient, low-risk migration to CA Endevor SCM, and start taking advantage of the superior features of the most widely used change management software for the mainframe. We understand your concerns and requirements when deciding next steps in your production software lifecycle. Our deep expertise, continued investment in mainframe software, and experienced staff can provide the assistance you need and the value you expect from the industry leading SCM solution.


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