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Solution Adoption Services from CA Technologies

The goal of any enterprise technology investment is the achievement of specific business objectives, measurable results and benefits. In some cases an implementation can fall short of the expected return on investment. With budgets constrained, IT leaders must ensure every investment made provides a measurable business impact. Solution Adoption Services from CA Technologies help organizations get the most from their technology investments by providing consulting services to drive the strategic alignment and adoption of the technology to realize the required benefits. CA Services professionals will provide assistance to help you be more successful with technology implementations, remove the burden of many adoption related tasks from your teams, and provide the resources to help ensure that implemented products deliver the necessary value.

Business Challenges

Significant challenges can be faced when engaging in the implementation of your business critical IT solutions. However, these solutions may not be of sufficient value to the organization if they are not fully adopted and used broadly by your organization. There are many issues IT organizations face in the adoption of new technologies, including:

The ability to attain the benefits of a technology solution an incomplete understanding of the technology, uncertainty as to required changes to processes and inadequate training.

Too often the focus is on implementation and getting the system live instead of ensuring users and operators are ready to be successful with the solution.

Adoption concerns are sometimes a low priority or are not addressed by the organization at all, providing the path to sub-optimal deployments.

Key Outcomes

  • Improve productivity and effectiveness by employing the implemented technology as appropriate throughout the organization.
  • Demonstrate solution benefit and value through measuring user satisfaction, enthusiasm and improvements to organizational efficiency.
  • Identify and eliminate inefficient procedures and processes.
  • Accelerate the ability of employees to increase proficiency by providing targeted training and education.

Key Service Features

Structured methodology gives the customer clear insight into the effort required to define an optimized adoption strategy that is focused on delivering the essential business value from the solution.

Predefined assets accelerate change impact assessments and give a comprehensive approach to overcoming challenges to solution adoption.

Measurement framework
to confirm the success of an adoption engagement.

Comprehensive service identifies the effort required to transform an organization and its processes to accommodate a solution that is scalable to meet your needs.

Offering Overview

Solution Adoption Services from CA Technologies deliver a comprehensive, phased engagement designed to maximize solution adoption and deliver the benefits you need. It involves resources at all levels and includes the following steps and activities:

Executive and stakeholder sponsorship that includes general stakeholder analysis, key stakeholder analysis and the creation and execution of a stakeholder involvement plan.

User preparation and involvement that includes the identification of change champions and affected end users, a change impact analysis and readiness assessment, and a risk mitigation plan.

Communication planning and strategy that provides ongoing communications to coincide with key stages and milestones of the project to help generate enthusiasm in the user communities and with key project stakeholders.

Process optimization to align ways of working to exploit new technical functionality

Training content development and deployment to meet the training and instructional needs

Performance management baselines are established and metrics are identified to quantify success.

CA Services delivers Solution Adoption Services with on-site resources to align the people, processes, and technology associated with an implementation to your strategic objectives for delivering high-quality IT services.

Trust the experts to provide the support you need to make your technology implementation a success because no one knows CA Technologies like CA Services.