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Upgrade Services from CA Technologies

The pressure for businesses to compete in the application economy is strong and, while it drives advances in technology, it can also strain an organization’s ability to deploy those advances. CA Technologies is committed to providing technical innovation across our product portfolio and, by upgrading your solutions from CA Technologies, you can receive the latest product enhancements.

Upgrade Services from CA Technologies can help your organization transition more quickly to current product releases and foster greater solution adoption with less effort and risk. By following a structured approach, CA Services helps companies achieve the greatest impact when updating their software. CA Services experts assess the current implementation architecture and design and the impact it has on your business, as well as evaluate the functionality of the system and your business drivers. Our experts provide recommendations for improvements to the environment before performing the upgrade and confirm that the solution is running as expected post-upgrade. With Upgrade Services from CA Technologies, you can realize greater value from the solution’s new features and functionality, reduce maintenance costs and improve adoption of your software solution.

Business Challenges

It can be a struggle to stay modern in the ever-changing application economy. While upgrading your system can benefit your business, transitioning to a new version of a solution is often a low priority for business and IT stakeholders who must focus on daily operations and other initiatives. Without the necessary resources, relevant data and a clear upgrade plan that addresses the risks and benefits of an upgrade, organizations may be missing out on key product fixes and enhancements which may impact the overall performance of the solution, its adoption and the ability to keep their system running smoothly.

Executing a software upgrade can require a commitment of time and resources to ensure the success of the transition. Onsite staff may not have time to gather all relevant data to prepare for the upgrade which may result in data gaps and potential errors, not to mention the operational risk and interruption to your projects which may increase the costs to your business.

Additionally, focusing on the mechanics of an upgrade alone can lead to missed opportunities to assess processes, evaluate usage and utilize new available solution enhancements. 

Key Outcomes

  • Efficiently transition to the current release of your CA Technologies product.
  • Speed solution configuration and deployment.
  • Minimize risk of transition issues.
  • Improve ease of upgrades by leveraging out-of-the-box features to replace customizations.
  • Lower maintenance costs for the older solution.
  • Improve administration and future upgrade capability.
  • Reduce loss of workforce productivity.
  • Accelerate time-to-value.

Key Service Features

  • Pre-upgrade Healthchecks identify potential risks and opportunities to improve solution implementation. 
  • CA Services manages and performs all aspects of the solution upgrade such as evaluating readiness, deploying the new architecture, transitioning integrations, deploying the production environment, performing data migration and helping drive solution adoption.
  • CA Services professionals are experienced in upgrades to get the job done with speed and accuracy. 
  • Named support advisor provides support throughout the upgrade.
  • Internal resources can focus on critical business and ongoing projects.

Offering Overview

Upgrade Services from CA Technologies helps you to transition efficiently from your existing product implementation to the current product release. Working with your team, CA Services assists in providing a clear upgrade approach that reduces risk and the burden on your staff so they can focus on day-to-day operations. With Upgrade Services from CA Technologies, you can feel confident that your upgrade is going to be handled by experienced professionals who understand our software and your business.

The standard upgrade process is divided into two phases, an upgrade assessment, where we analyze the current state of your product implementation and determine what fixes need to be made, and the upgrade execution itself.

Phase 1: Upgrade Assessment Services

The first stage of an upgrade with CA Services is to conduct an assessment and understand the state of your current solution implementation. This knowledge helps to determine how to maximize your investment to address your organization’s requirements. CA Services performs the following steps:

• During the project kick-off, gathers the necessary information to conduct the Healthcheck workshop(s): 

  • Technical Healthcheck: This workshop assesses the current state of your environment, including capturing your system inventory, understanding your sizing criteria and identifying the existing performance issues and current state customizations and integrations. We will also identify and recommend items that need immediate improvement, the future state sizing criteria and specification, customization and integration requirements.
  • Functional Healthcheck (optional): This workshop identifies your business drivers, understands the current state capabilities, functional use cases and known gaps as well as identifies and provides a roadmap of future state capabilities. The functional Healthcheck provides valuable information on the business capabilities and an understanding of those which need to be supported in the future after the upgrade is completed.
• Provides the upgrade plan and recommendations, including the required changes for a successful upgrade, which method and technique are recommended for the upgrade execution, the integration and customizations plan and the backup/restore plan (if necessary). These recommendations and findings are provided in a report for you to reference and review when determining whether to move forward with the upgrade with business and IT stakeholders.
CA Services also has self-service, upgrade assessment utility tools available for multiple CA products. These utility tools provide you and CA Services with information about your environment to help understand the full level of effort needed to upgrade the solution. The following products have assessment utilities available:
• CA Application Performance Management (CA APM)
• CA Product & Portfolio Management (CA PPM)
• CA Single Sign-On (CA SSO)

Phase 2: Upgrade Execution

After the assessment is complete, CA Services will begin to prepare the environment for the new release. The steps performed include:

• Pre-upgrade work to prepare the environment, solution and organization including, remediating known issues, identifying the CA and customer personnel who will be involved in the upgrade and performing the required backups.

• Execution of the upgrade and data migration. Depending on availability and solution, this process may be automated or manual and may be installed on top of the existing install version or as a new installation with data migration from the existing installed version.

• Execution of post-upgrade work to validate the solution and environments, verify the “like-for-like” state, and extend the solution by adding business capabilities.

CA Services Upgrade Framework

Education from CA Technologies

After completing the upgrade, it is critical to ensure that your team adopts the new solution. Investing in formal product training from CA Education will provide your team with the necessary guidance to effectively use the new software and ensure a successful transition. CA Education has a wide variety of award-winning courses in flexible formats to meet your scheduling and budget needs.