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Government Relations

CA helps public institutions accelerate innovation in order to enhance people’s lives worldwide.

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At CA Technologies, we believe that those who build the apps will win the future. We participate in an active dialogue globally on public policy issues that impact the adoption and acceleration of technology to help organizations leverage software to rewrite business. We believe that engagement is an essential component of responsible corporate citizenship.

As a company driven by creative thinking and technological innovation, CA Technologies is ideally positioned to serve as a preferred advisor to public institutions seeking to optimize the value technology can bring to enhancing efficiencies, securing business operations and accelerating innovation.

Following the tenets of good business and good citizenship, CA Technologies is determined to enhance the lives of people in every community in which we live and work.

Our company’s deep knowledge and experience with all aspects of IT helps to advance discussion about issues of public concern. The women and men of CA Technologies are proud that our company plays a role in strengthening and protecting the public institutions upon which we all rely.

Here you will find information about our team, the issues CA Technologies cares about and a listing of some of the organizations we participate in globally that are active in policy circles. For further information about our government relations and public affairs efforts, please contact us.

Speaking out on the issues that matter.

At CA Technologies, we lend our voice and expertise to a host of issues that are critical to our business and customers, global innovation and corporate stewardship.



Brendan Peter

VP, Global Government Relations
+1 202-513-6305

Claude Boudrias

Tax and Trade
+1 202-513-6312

Christoph Luykx

EMEA Policy
+ 32 (0) 2 773 28 29

Jamieson Brown

Cybersecurity Policy
+1 202 513 6307