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Social Media

Everybody’s talking about the app economy. It’s time for you to get in on the conversation.

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Social Media That Fuels Innovation

Join our social media communities to get the latest from CA thought leaders, share insight with your peers and learn how to win in a world being rewritten by software.


Follow @CAinc on Twitter for updates, insights and water-cooler conversations.

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Get face time with CA experts, and go deeper into the possibilities of our services and solutions.

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Get a moment-by-moment view of life at CA by following us on Instagram.

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CA World

Get the scoop on everything related to CA World ’16 including the archived keynotes and presentations.

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CA Content Network

Feeling generous? Share our social media messages plus get early access to our top content.

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Write yourself into the family tree of IT innovation. Connect with CA Technologies on LinkedIn.

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Track the latest IT trends, giggle at our tech comics and get to know what makes CA tick.

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Browse interactive articles, and make CA a part of your personal content clique on Flipboard.

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Highlight Blog

Find out what’s on the minds of CA experts, and get cutting-edge insight into the application economy.

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More than just friends, we’re here to keep you updated and engaged with the CA community.

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Connect to our global IT community, and find out how CA can help you navigate the application economy.

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Dig deeper into our ever-growing catalog of product and service presentations, and get big picture insights from our SlideShare channel.

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CA Communities

Connect with fellow CA users, and bounce your ideas off our community of innovators.

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