DevXchange 2017 for Agile Operations

Overcome the challenges for monitoring user experience, hybrid cloud, and software-defined infrastructures and applying analytics to improve mean-time-to-resolution.

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Analytics-Driven, Application to Infrastructure Visibility for Flawless Digital Experiences:


  • Duncan Bradford, VP EMEA PreSales, CA
  • Sushil Kumar, SVP PM Agile Operations, CA

Introducing the CA Agile Operations Analytics Platform for Prescribing Application, Infrastructure and Network Triage


  • Sudip Datta, VP Product Management IM, CA
  • Kiran Diwakar, Snr. Director Product Management IM, CA

Case Study: KPN Partnership with CA Technologies for IT Transformation


  • Frank Daeter, KPN, Functional Consultant
  • Allard Scheers, KPN, Technical Consultant

Case Study: MDS Runs IT Ops at Lightning Speed with CA Unified Infrastructure Management

  • Sam Green, Linux/UIM System Administrator, MDS Global

Fujitsu Data Center Management & Automation (DCMA) Wifi Networking


  • Alexander Zaeh, Snr. Solution Consultant, Fujitsu DataCenter

Tech Talk: Monitoring SDN, NFV, Software-Defined Data Center and SD Wide-Area-Network Technologies


  • Jason Normandin, CA Product Manager
  • Abe Dorr, CA Principal Software Engineer

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