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Practical Magic: Innovation That Moves Business

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Technology that changes everything.

The application economy has forever changed the role of technology in business. To compete today, every company needs to be a software company. That means fostering innovation that delivers real business outcomes and balancing raw ideas with customer demand. It’s time to embrace digital transformation—and make amazing things happen.

“Transformation is a messy process. You need the right environment for continuous improvement, discovery and experimentation.”

Otto Berkes, CTO

Digitally Remastered:
Building Software into Your Business DNA

Today, your company's brand is defined by digital experiences.  And to make them great, you need to put software at the center of your business. CA CTO Otto Berkes shows you how in this important new book.

CA Accelerator: We start up every day.

We’re fostering organic innovation through our Accelerator program, which helps our employees turn great ideas into great outcomes. It’s part startup, part venture capital and part think tank.

Research and development: Creating a culture of innovation.

We promote innovation from the ground up through our projects, partnerships and patents. Meet our strategic research team, check out our publications and see how we bring great ideas to life.

A breakthrough project management solution that takes productivity to the next level.

CA Academic Initiative

We created the CA Academic Initiative to supply the next generation of IT professionals with the education and career opportunities they need to become leaders in IT.


The race is on…your phone.

The CNN Politics app—built with CA Technologies—is the data-driven election destination that puts power in the hands of the people. Now, with just a swipe, voters can go beyond the numbers to see real-time trends, breaking stories and expert analysis. See how this innovative app was developed…and what it means.