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Research and Development

The greater the challenge, the harder we work.

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Developing innovative solutions from the ground up.


From pure research for long-term technological advancement to speeding new products to market right now, CA cultivates innovation through our diverse research and development efforts.




Successful products start with powerful insights.

Our strong relationships with research communities in academia and beyond broadens our understanding of best practices and furthers our exploration of exciting new products.


Steve G.

Strategic Research

Leader Board Member for CA Patents and Dreamer of Chocolate


Strategic Research

Ph.D, Advocate for Good Ideas and Scout Master Numero Uno


Research Engineering

Simplifies the Complex and Geeks Out on Gadgets

Steve V.

Strategic Research

Technical Collaborator, Ph.D and Microbrew Connoisseur

Research, applied with care.

Our own technology think tank, the Council for Technical Excellence, finds innovative solutions to technical questions that require a diverse set of skills and perspectives.

Sustained innovation requires a deep talent pool.

To fulfill our mission of transforming lives and businesses through software, we are always on the lookout for tomorrow’s thought leaders—and for great new ideas to champion.


IT is dead. Long live technology.

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At CA, we start up every day.

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