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Software: the new DNA of business.

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Building a modern business with software at the center.

We’ve entered a world where the digital experience you deliver is your brand. Functionality was once the prime technology metric, but now a continuously evolving, user-centric experience is paramount. Instead of building relatively static line-of-business applications, you need to deliver live, always-on software services.

Though traditional IT has served business effectively for decades, it’s not equipped for this new job description. Asking IT to operate in a dramatically different capacity might be unfair, but that’s precisely what is happening in many organizations today. No wonder IT falls short, seems less than strategic and struggles to deliver. How do organizations today transform for the digital age? By building a new operating model that includes technology—specifically software—as a core pillar of the business itself.

Digitally Remastered:
Building Software into Your Business DNA

Today, your company's brand is defined by digital experiences.  And to make them great, you need to put software at the center of your business. CA CTO Otto Berkes shows you how in this important new book.

Shifting innovation into overdrive

The CA Accelerator is where technology visions become business realities--an internal incubator where employees are supported and funded to create the next generation of breakthrough products. Buckle up.


Practical magic: see how innovation moves business forward.

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The Application Economy

It’s a whole new world.

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