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CA Technologies committed to the education of tomorrow’s scientists and technology leaders

CA helps doctoral students to further develop their skills as they work with the Company’s researchers to investigate energy consumption in large data centres through Big Data analysis

Morges (Switzerland), September 1, 2015 - CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) announces its participation in the research project named BigStorage, aimed to give young researchers the opportunity to further develop their technical and transversal skills within an advanced research environment.

"At CA we are pleased to be part of this project to train and equip tomorrow’s technology scientists while together we investigate future technologies. We will conduct research on the control of energy consumption in data centres by analysing large volumes of information – known as Big Data,” explains Victor Muntés, VP and member of the CA Strategic Research team.

CA’s involvement in this project is aligned with its newly launched European program, Create Tomorrow, which will engage its work force in the region in various initiatives to help address the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skills gap in Europe.

"The development of technical and scientific expertise is an economic imperative," said Marco Comastri, President and General Manager EMEA, CA Technologies. "Demand for STEM professionals in Europe is expected to grow by around 8 per cent between now and 2025, much higher than the average 3 per cent growth forecast for all occupations1. However, today there are too few young people aspiring to pursue STEM related careers and the supply of such workers is not growing fast enough to meet future demand. Companies have an important role to help develop the new generation of innovators and leaders in the technology industry."

As a supporter of the European Commission’s Grand Coalition on Digital Jobs, CA’s role in BigStorage helps nurture the next generation of IT leaders required for the application economy. The European Commission estimates a shortage of up to 825,000 ICT professionals in Europe by 2020.

Contributing to the training of IT researchers

The BigStorage research project, part of Marie Sklodowska-Curie program funded by the European Commission, and coordinated by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, will include fifteen doctoral students with diverse technology and science degrees from universities across the world.

In addition to providing technical training, the companies and institutions taking part in the project together with CA, will help students with their personal development to enhance their competences and employability skills.

For three years, two doctorate students will receive technical training through their direct work with the researchers of CA Strategic Research team, the research division of CA Technologies. The fifteen students participating in the program will also have the opportunity to take part in all internal training programs organized by the consortium members, as well specific workshops.

CA will offer a five-day workshop for the 15 students, run by its own Talent and Development team, which will focus on personal development skills and will be held at the Company’s UK location. Students will be taught techniques to help develop their communication, leadership and teamwork skills.

Research on energy consumption in large data centres

The CA research within the BigStorage project focuses on the design of more sustainable energy systems.

Today data centres are equipped with a variety of sensors that allow the massive collection of data on the operation of the systems and, in particular, on energy consumption of facilities, systems and infrastructure. CA is working on the design of anomaly detection systems and automatic root cause analysis on Big Data that will enable deeper knowledge of the data centre state - and in real time too. CA's intent is to increase the intelligence of these systems to better understand energy consumption and then to take appropriate measures to reduce it.

Additionally, the CA research aims to allow human operators of the data centres to make the best decisions on infrastructure management to support Big Data analytics processes and improve efficiency.

Other companies and education institutions part of the BigStorage research project consortium are the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (Spain), Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz (Germany), Inria (France), Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (Greece), Xyratex, A Seagate Company (UK), Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum (Germany), CEA (France), and Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH.

1CEDEFOP: European Center for Development of Vocational Training. Rising Stems:

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