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Engagement Objective

Confirm that supplier business practices are in line with our policies.

Improve supply chain transparency.

Monitor suppliers on an ongoing basis.

Manage risks posed by third-party relationships, such as supply chain disruption, environmental or social accountability issues, regulatory compliance problems, security breaches, information leaks, and risk of fraud or bribery.

Evaluate recyclable materials to reduce impact and cost.

Means of Engagement

Ensure certification of compliance with Partner Guide to our Code of Conduct.

Assess suppliers using supply chain environmental and social data analytics, scorecards and dashboards.

Measure more than 30 metrics on a monthly basis using industry and best-in-class data from the Sourcing Interest Group, procurement strategy councils and other organizations.

Continue to implement our Ariba program for targeted suppliers. The program is closely aligned with state, federal and international measurement standards for public reporting.

Obtain recommendations from Staples, our U.S. product supplier.

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