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CA Productivity Accelerator

The first line of defense for your software rollout.

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Accelerate user adoption and production support.

Maximize ROI with our content development and delivery platform, CA Productivity Accelerator. With it, businesses can deliver up to 14 different readiness training and production support tools from just one session.


Deliver up to 14 different readiness training and production support tools.

Get off to a running start with CA Productivity Accelerator.

CA Productivity Accelerator helps teams overcome the user adoption challenge. Featuring content modules with a library of pre-built content, teams will have access to training lessons and activities in order to familiarize themselves with this solution’s out-of-the-box functionality.

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A Library of Customizable Content

The CA Productivity Accelerator content modules contain user-training lessons and activities that your team can upload into the CA Productivity Accelerator editor, giving you a library of valuable training content.

Teams can then evaluate all available content and eliminate what isn’t relevant. They can stop wading through implementation design documents and start in-depth discussions with our subject matter experts.

With CA Productivity Accelerator’s content modules, teams can re-record standard content to reflect their application configurations—instead of building each activity from the ground up while relying on implementation design documents, test scripts or subject matter expert assistance.

CA Productivity Accelerator: Current Release of Content

Need more info on prior releases or about content modules? Contact your Education Sales Manager at 1-800-237-9273.



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