Modern Network Monitoring

Optimizing Network Performance With a Unified Approach

The Power of Seeing It All, and Seeing It Now

Over 50 percent of enterprises use 10 or more network monitoring/troubleshooting tools and spend 71 percent of their day fighting fires. Today's swivel-chair monitoring strategies will not work for the new modern network. To help ensure efficient network operations and optimal network performance reliability, NetOps professionals need to manage their entire networking environments—traditional and software-defined—together. With all-in-one monitoring and hybrid analytics of all inventory, topology, device metrics, faults, flow and packet analysis, NetOps teams can overcome the complexity of managing the modern network with the traditional and help ensure true performance and reliability.

The Critical Guide to Modern Network Monitoring

A Handbook for NetOps Leaders and Practitioners

Networks used to be described as the backbone of the enterprise. Today, they might be better described as the lifeblood – vital to everyone in the digital age. If you don’t have your finger on the pulse of your whole network, you’re not meeting today’s demands – and won’t meet tomorrow’s either.

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  • An application-centric approach to assuring the performance and availability of complex SDN architectures

  • A single NetOps portal experience delivering easy troubleshooting workflows while utilizing intelligent analytics for advanced network triage and automation

  • A full stack, highly scalable network monitoring platform for both traditional networks and modern SDN architectures

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Telefonica Ensures SDN Service Offerings With Modern Network Monitoring

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Gary Williams – Telefonica UK, Product Manager, OSS Tools & Gateway SDN

Network Operations and Analytics at a Glance Through a Single, Unified Dashboard

With full-stack coverage of the entire network infrastructure providing comprehensive hybrid monitoring, the network operations platforms enables complete visibility and control through a single, unified dashboard.

One Dashboard, One View

Get a single, real-time snapshot view of the entire network environment – physical as well as dynamic inventories in virtual and logical overlays, with a full suite of diagnostic capabilities.

Network Performance Management (NPM) Strategies for Cloud and Software-Defined Networking


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