SD-WAN Monitoring

Extended Visibility to Optimize NetOps

The Real Value of Unified Network Operations

SD-WAN is a specific application of SDN that’s applied to the WAN and used to connect enterprise networks, including branch offices and data centers across geographies. Today, 88 percent of distributed enterprises are deploying SD-WAN, or are planning to soon. SD-WAN’s ability to replace MPLS with internet to provide direct access to the public cloud is a huge benefit—but it comes with a huge NetOps challenge. Without a comprehensive, unified approach to managing traditional WAN and SD-WAN environments, NetOps does not achieve the extended visibility it requires to help ensure greater overall performance and fewer service disruptions.

The Critical Guide to Modern Network Monitoring

Essential reading for today’s NetOps leaders and practitioners

Networks used to be described as the backbone of the enterprise. Today, they might be better described as the lifeblood – vital to everyone in the digital age. If you don’t have your finger on the pulse of your whole network, you’re not meeting today’s demands – and won’t meet tomorrow’s either.

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  • Easy troubleshooting workflows to assure SD-WAN health

  • Unified monitoring of SD-WAN and traditional WAN

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Are you really ready for SD-WAN?

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Shamus McGillicuddy – Sr. Analyst, EMA
Fred Estienne – Managed Solutions Architect at Bell Canada
Paul Kohler – Director, Technical Alliances
Tim Diep – Director, Production Management

CA addresses the hottest software-defined networking technologies today. With the integration of fault, device, flow, and packet analysis, CA Technologies delivers a comprehensive approach to unified monitoring and analytics of SD-WAN and traditional WAN technologies.

EMA research shows that as network teams add more monitoring and troubleshooting tools, they become less effective at network problem detection and their networks become less stable.

Discussion: Hear what the experts are saying about SD-WAN.

CA Technologies wanted to get a better understanding of just how easier SD-WAN technologies makes the job of network operations, so we worked with Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) and developed this infographic to ask the question…Are you really ready for SD-WAN?

Successful SD-WAN Monitoring with CA Performance Management


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