Software-Defined Network Monitoring

The Evolution of the Modern Network.

Why 100 Percent Network Visibility Matters

Software-defined networking (SDN) creates agile networks that grow and shrink automatically based on application usage. It’s effective, but it also creates a new complexity for network operations teams who have to effectively manage all networks – old and new – together.

Eighty-one percent of enterprises have either deployed or plan to deploy SDN and NFV technologies in the next 12 months. At the same time, most have admitted their current monitoring tools do not support these architectures.

Source: Successful Network Operations in a Cloud-Centric, Software-Defined World with CA Performance Management
(EMA™) White Paper
Prepared for CA Technologies, October 2016

Without 100 percent network visibility, performance suffers, network managers only have time to be reactive not proactive, and end-user satisfaction suffers. The good news: there is a solution.

The Critical Guide to Modern Network Monitoring

Essential reading for today’s NetOps leaders and practitioners

Networks used to be described as the backbone of the enterprise. Today, they might be better described as the lifeblood – vital to everyone in the digital age. If you don’t have your finger on the pulse of your whole network, you’re not meeting today’s demands – and won’t meet tomorrow’s either.

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Monitor the Hottest SDx Architectures With Network Operations and Analytics

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John Delfeld – Ixia
Jim Wilkey – Netrounds
Konstantin Babenko – Netlayer
Tim Diep – CA Technologies

CA uniquely monitors data flows across the most hybrid network architectures with rich open-API analytics and innovative and customizable visualizations of legacy networks as well as cloud and the SDN/NFV network stack.

Network Operations and Analytics from CA: At a Glance

Reduce complexity by getting a complete view of all network technologies – physical, virtual and logical – including traditional, SDN, SDDC, SD-WAN, NFV and hybrid cloud architectures. Deliver end-to-end operational intelligence, accelerate service delivery, and help future-proof your entire network infrastructure. 

Build a Better
Customer Experience 

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Improved Network

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Improved Monitoring

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Deliver greater network agility with Network Operations and Analytics by CA

  • Application-Centric Network Monitoring for consistent service delivery

  • Single Network Operations Dashboard for fault performance, topology, device metrics, faults, flow and packet analysis

  • High Scale to meet the demands of modern network technologies

Simplifying the New Network Stack

The new modern network is built on multiple layers of physical, virtual and logical entities, all moving around and consuming resources based on user demand. The key to staying ahead of this complexity: automatically and accurately discover, visualize and monitor fault and performance across the entire stack – wherever it may live.

By the Numbers: Network Performance Management (NPM)

A single view, greater productivity, improved planning: NetOps professionals report multiple benefits to continual monitoring and analysis of next-generation networks.

Respondents could choose their top two principle benefits.

Successful Network Operations in a Cloud-Centric, Software-Defined World with CA Performance Management


Network Operations and Analytics in action