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Application Release Automation

Reliably and rapidly release high-quality software anywhere, anytime.

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Deliver apps at pace with agile development and let customer satisfaction soar.

Today, the pressure is on to transform how you deliver applications to market. Get release agility and speed without compromising quality and stability with CA Automic Release Automation. Deliver apps reliably on demand from development through production—mobile to mainframe. Agilely scale as the cadence, volume and complexity of your apps grow. It’s DevOps-ready release management and automation for your dynamic enterprise.

Build an agile, scalable and resilient continuous delivery pipeline.

Achieve continuous delivery.

Orchestrate your devops toolchain and automate everything — release faster, increase quality and reduce release errors.

Ensure predictability and compliance.

Eliminate islands of automation and streamline releases  through dev, test and production–from mobile to mainframe.

Agilely manage multi-app releases.

Centrally manage, test, and analyze multi-app releases through the continuous delivery pipeline.

Why CA Automic Release Automation

“TASC uses CA Automic Release Automation to simplify administration and gain extra flexibility by abstracting its process flows. The company relies on Automic to orchestrate their deployment pipeline integrating with Sonatype Nexus Maven and Subversion (SVN) as they promote their apps through their JBoss-based development, QA, staging and production environments.” We can now do a deployment of our software starting at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and nobody knows and that’s a huge step. And the Automic solution is easy to implement, it’s easy to use, it’s easy to train on and it’s easy to grow”

Tom Flitter, Director of Applications and Integration at TASC

Featured Products

CA Automic Release Automation

Orchestrate your devops toolchain and automate deployments. Deliver application-ready infrastructures and achieve continuous delivery across dev, test and production. Automate everything.

CA Automic Continuous Delivery for IBM Z

Continuous Delivery for Mainframe

CA Automic Continuous Delivery for Temenos

Bring Temenos into the digital age.

CA Automic Continuous Delivery for Siebel

Bring agility and velocity to Siebel deployments and releases.

CA Automic Marketplace

The Marketplace of actions, add-ons and templates to solve common business challenges quickly and Automate your World.

CA Release Automation (Nolio)

Deploy agile apps faster, more efficiently with reduced errors across diverse server, data center and cloud environments.

Featured Case Studies

Automating Application Releases Keeps Austrian Pension Provider Pensionsversicherungsanstalt at the Forefront of Innovation

TASC Relies on CA Automation to Orchestrate Application Releases in the Cloud

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Maximize visibility from mobile to mainframe with application and infrastructure monitoring.

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