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CA Agile Requirements Designer

Test at the speed of agile with the automation of requirements and test design.

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CA Agile Requirements Designer makes the world’s best companies better.

Design and engineer better requirements.

Get end-to-end support for requirements engineering, test case optimization, test design automation, in-sprint testing and more. Employ a single point of reference for all test and development efforts. It’s testing at the speed of agile that’s easily scalable and manageable.

Visually define requirements.

Unlike other software testing tools, CA Agile Requirements Designer makes requirements clear and unambiguous, with diagrams that represent requirements as mathematically precise visual flows—and add accuracy to requirements engineering.

Automate test design.

Use CA Agile Requirements Designer’s test design automation capabilities to achieve true test-driven development. You’ll realize maximum test coverage with minimum test cases and auto-generate test data as test cases are created.

Shorten development cycles by 30%.

Quickly generate the smallest number of test cases for maximum coverage. Easily import test cases, remove duplicates and distribute and allocate optimized test cases in existing tools such as CA Agile Central, HPE ALM, JIRA and more.

Leverage existing work.

Store, share and reuse test cases and other test assets from a central library linked to the right data and expected results. It’s smart and efficient test design automation that lets teams quickly recreate and execute tests to fully test systems as they evolve.

Employ model-based testing.

CA Agile Requirements Designer applies model-based testing approaches to simplify requirements engineering and automate the design, development and maintenance of executable test cases. All while maintaining requirement traceability through the entire development and testing lifecycle.


Our customers are driving their businesses forward with CA Agile Requirements Designer. You should see what they have to say.

CA Technologies offered a compelling solution with its integrated tools that provide seamless, end-to-end test management. In addition, CA Technologies solutions were able to manage all the technologies used across our applications, which other solutions were unable to do.

Patrick Meeks, IT Manager, West Operating Area, Williams

95% reduction in defects using CA Agile Requirements Designer.

Source: Bloor Research White Paper: Automated testing: Coping with change

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Independent experts compared CA to Tricentis for test case design and requirements. This is what they found.

CA ARD Tricentis
Requirements definition
Test coverage and optimization
Breadth of integration testing
Fully Present
Partial Functionality

Howard, Philip and Daniel Howard, “Best of breed requirements and test design tools,” February 2017.



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System Requirements

CA Agile Requirements Designer requires a 64-bit computer with a minimum of 4 GB of memory and the Microsoft® Windows 7 Professional or Windows® 8.0/8.1/10 operating system.


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