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CA API Gateway

Get industry-leading gateways for partner, developer, mobile, cloud and mobile-to-mainframe access.

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Expose, secure and manage backend applications, network systems or infrastructure via APIs.

The industry-leading family of API gateways from CA Technologies offers unmatched flexibility, performance and security. Building on the foundation of its industry-leading SOA application gateway technology for exposing, securing and managing backend applications, network systems or infrastructure via APIs, CA Technologies has added critical mobile, cloud and REST composition features. With this additional functionality, CA API Gateways represent the best available solution for enterprises looking to open data and services to partners, developers, mobile apps, cloud services and smart devices.

All CA API Gateways are available in hardware, virtual appliance, software and Amazon Machine Image form factors.

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API security and management

Control and manage access to enterprise data assets from app to API.

Dynamic scalability

Prioritize traffic to ensure your APIs remain available and responsive.

Any-to-any integration

Translate and transform data to connect legacy systems to the latest apps.

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