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CA Directory

Meet demanding Web application needs with highly reliable and scalable directory services.

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Next-Generation Directory Services

Organizations are becoming increasingly reliant on their online and mobile applications to provide critical services for customers, employees and business partners. The ability to deliver superior availability, reliability, scalability and performance for these applications directly depends on the underlying directory infrastructure.

CA Directory is a battle-tested directory server that provides the scalability and reliability needed to support the most demanding applications with minimal infrastructure and personnel resources. The solution’s innovative design enables ultra-high-speed performance as well as transparent load balancing, true multi-master replication and state-based recovery.

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CA Directory. Superior Performance, Low TCO.

Improve operational efficiency

Address scalability, availability and performance demands of today’s dynamic applications.

Enhance user experience

Provide a highly responsive and always-available application experience for your users.

Reduce cost of ownership

Provide high performance and reliability with fewer resources.

Why CA

CA Directory leverages a standards-based distribution model (X.500 server-to-server communication and chaining), as well as a standards-based replication model (DISP). This gives you the performance, scalability and reliability needed to support your most demanding online applications.

The solution’s superior technology enables ultra-high-speed performance for both read and write operations as well as transparent distribution and replication to scale to any number of servers. Unlike common LDAP servers that can’t efficiently communicate with one another, CA Directory is architected to perform and scale in a distributed environment at significantly lower hardware costs.

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