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CA Jarvis Cloud Analytics Platform

Gain real-time insights into your data for better business decisions.

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Real-Time Data Analytics for Better Business Outcomes

Build your data-driven applications on CA Jarvis, CA Technologies analytics platform. With its best-of-breed open-source technologies (like Spark, Kafka and Elasticsearch) and big data architecture, CA Jarvis enables customers to gain real-time visibility and insights by seamlessly applying the latest data science and machine learning techniques to large, diverse data sets.

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CA Jarvis. Real results, right now.

Low Cost / High Scale

CA Jarvis leverages the latest and greatest open source technologies, combines them with best of breed architectures and CA is hosting it for you in the cloud. This way, CA Jarvis optimizes for cost and speed while insulating you from the underlying infrastructure complexity and decision-making, allowing you to focus on building the best application of the technology.

Plug & Play Data Science

CA Jarvis helps businesses to apply advanced analytics and realize the potential of analytics-driven applications with an intuitive toolbox of RESTful APIs to easily submit and update your data science routines. 

Fast Time-to-Market

CA Jarvis gets you to market faster with ready to use tools and a common framework for your data engineers, data scientists and app developers to speak the same language, plus a set of ingestion and data access APIs to set up your data streams and applications dashboards in minutes.

Lifting Your Burden

We use CA Jarvis analytics platform to rapidly add advanced analytics capabilities to its wide product portfolio. CA Application Performance Management SaaS, CA Unified Infrastructure Management SaaS, CA API Developer Portal SaaS, CA Privileged Identity Manager and CA Application Experience Analytics combine data science and machine learning to drive domain-specific insights, all powered by CA Jarvis.

Use CA Technologies blueprint to stop drowning in data. Start building data-driven applications now.

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