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CA Mobile API Gateway

Build, integrate and secure mobile apps to power digital experiences.

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IoT Runs on APIs. CA Mobile API Gateway is the Driver for Powerful APIs.

Industry-Leading Security, Easily Deployed

Industry-Leading Security, Easily Deployed

Meet the new standard for mobile security. CA Mobile API Gateway has achieved four OpenID Connect certifications for mobile authorization and access management and is built on the OAuth Toolkit for secure mobile authentication. Whether your mobile app uses token-based authorization, SCIM 2.0 APIs, certificate pinning, one-time passwords or biometrics to authenticate users, our mobile gateway supports the leading mobile identity and access management protocols to secure from the app to the API.

For next-generation security, FIDO integration in the mobile gateway allows developers to quickly embed secure biometric authentication—including fingerprint, face and voice recognition technologies—into mobile apps. And the mobile gateway protects APIs against DoS attack and misuse to extend security to the IoT environment.

Developer Enablement for Mobile-First, Faster

Developer Enablement for Mobile-First, Faster

Today’s enterprises are not just building apps. They are creating new and improved digital experiences for their customers and betting big on mobile. To keep up with consumer demand and the changing business landscape, enterprises must bring to market feature-rich and intuitive apps faster and with more complexity than ever before. To be truly mobile-first, they must juggle time-to-market, feature scope, app performance and security—all while competing for the decreasing attention spans of mobile users.

CA Mobile API Gateway offers a powerful toolset to speed app development while delivering the security and capabilities mobile users demand. Alongside our mobile gateway for critical API security and integration, CA provides open source SDKs that enable powerful features like user and group management, collaboration, messaging, geolocation and social login. API traffic orchestration and caching within the mobile gateway enables developers to optimize app performance while supporting complex, feature-rich experiences. The result? Enterprises can build and more quickly bring to market secure mobile apps that deliver next-generation user experiences.

Flexible Authentication with the “Triangle of Trust”

Flexible Authentication with the “Triangle of Trust”

Modern mobile security architectures must support the triangle of trust: users, apps and devices. Our mobile gateway balances enterprise-grade PKI security in the app and API fabric with convenient access. Open SDKs and REST APIs further streamline the process for developers to embed secure authentication in mobile apps.

On the front end, user authentication is quick and secure and access can be extended to multiple apps and services without additional authentication. Two-way, mutual SSL, OAuth 2.0, PKCE, encrypted data storage and OpenID Connect standards, alongside single sign-on (SSO), proximity login and social login, bridge the security context across devices, applications and users. And biometric authentication enables app experiences that are safe and seamless.

Powerful App Experiences that Scale for IoT

Powerful App Experiences that Scale for IoT

CA Mobile API Gateway simplifies all key mobile security and management processes, reduces developer workload and provides the scale and integration necessary to support the growing number of apps, APIs and devices typical of mobile-first businesses. In doing so, the mobile gateway serves as a powerful enabler for IoT.

Secure, governed APIs allow enterprises to begin investing in IoT—either by creating IoT experiences for their consumers or tapping into the power of IoT to transform their operations. CA Mobile API Gateway supports and integrates pub/sub and MQTT infrastructure and communications protocols, extending the mobile gateway to the management and security of IoT devices. Apps and devices both inside the enterprise and from trusted third parties can securely communicate through APIs that evolve digital and mobile investments into the IoT opportunities of tomorrow.

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Customers the world over have a world of things to say about CA API Management.

Agility and time-to-market are essential in the application economy. With CA API Management, we can help customers accelerate innovation without increasing costs or compromising security.

Joseph Farrell, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, BiTE Interactive

CA API Management reduces API time-to-market by 97%—from 90 days to three.

Source: Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of CA API Management.

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Innovis compared CA API Management to a leading competitor and is unrivaled in full lifecycle API management.

CA APIM Competitors
API Connectivity
Drag & Drop API Creation
Runtime Event Processing
Mobile/IoT security
Risk-based access
Full Capability
Limited Capability
None or very weak capability (or separate purchase)

Source: Five factors to consider when selecting an API Management provider. March, 2018.



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System Requirements

Before you install CA Mobile Developer Console, ensure that you have CA Mobile API Gateway version 4.1, CA API Management OAuth Toolkit version 4.2 and the Docker toolbox. CA Mobile API Gateway supports Google Chrome version 56.0 and MySQL Server 5.7 database.


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