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CA Mobile App Services

Accelerate IoT and mobile app development with simple and secure SDKs and APIs.

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Extend CA API Management product capabilities and further support the needs of the developer.

CA Mobile App Services offers common back-end services that can be used across multiple mobile/IoT apps to enable an enterprise to develop, deploy and manage multiple apps rapidly. Developers can use an SDK to enable powerful features like user and group management, pub/sub and MQTT, messaging, storage and complete back-end to app security.


Accelerated mobile app development

Develop mobile app back-end services quickly with open APIs and SDKs.

End-to-end security

Use out-of-the-box standards-based security weaved into the app and API fabric.

Common app building blocks

Quickly build collaborative apps using advanced user, group, messaging and storage services integrated to enterprise infrastructure.

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Cost-effectively access applications over the cloud via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

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