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CA Risk Analytics Network

Prevent fraud and provide a friction-free experience with the only real-time behavioral analytics network.

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Stop card-not-present fraud in an average of 5 milliseconds using a real-time behavioral analytics network.

CA Risk Analytics Network is the payment industry’s only real-time card-issuer network that stops card-not-present fraud instantly for its network members. Card issuers can opt-in to the consortium-based network and benefit from a 25% reduction in fraud losses or a 35% reduction in false positives—a potential of $2.2 billion in savings—compared to results without access to the consortium data.1,2

As a cloud-based service, it incorporates an advanced neural network model, backed by unique real-time machine learning and networked device and entity reputation data to protect 3-D Secure card-not-present transactions. It learns from, and adapts to, suspected fraud, instantly closing the gap for potential fraud that uses the same card and/or device across the network. CA Risk Analytics Network provides faster, more accurate online fraud detection and prevention, reducing fraud losses while streamlining the online shopping experience.

CA Technologies payment security solutions have protected billions of online transactions supporting hundreds of millions of cards and thousands of card portfolios worldwide. CA Risk Analytics Network is suitable for card issuers with portfolios of any size: from global-scale card-issuing banks with millions of cardholders to smaller or regional financial institutions. Additionally, CA Risk Analytics Network is equally suitable for issuers who manage their own card processing or leverage the services of a card processor.

1. Data based on applying the new Risk Analytics Network fraud model to historical customer data over a 90-day period.

2. Potential savings based on existing card account fraud of $8.8 billion in 2016, reported in Javelin’s “2017 Identity Fraud: Securing the Connected Life” report.

CA Risk Analytics Network. Real results with the flip of a switch.

Improve overall transaction revenue

Reduce fraud losses by an average of 25%.

Get fewer false positives

Reduce false positives by 35%.

Eliminate the vulnerability between transactions

Minimize the window of uncertainty to an average of 5 milliseconds.

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