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CA Strong Authentication

Protect employees and customers with user-convenient, two-factor authentication.

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Deploy a wide range of authentication methods in an efficient and centralized manner.

With the increase in the amount of resources and interaction that occurs online, organizations need to provide two-factor authentication for a growing number of users (employees, partners and customers) to a growing number of applications and services (on-premise and cloud-based) from a variety of devices (PC, laptop, tablet and phone).

CA Strong Authentication is a versatile multi-factor authentication system that can help you deploy and manage a wide range of authentication methods, from passwords and knowledge-based authentication (KBA) to two-factor software tokens or hardware credentials. It also can provide out-of-band authentication methods such as SMS, email or voice delivery of one-time passwords (OTP). CA Strong Authentication supports two-factor authentication to VPNs and can protect access and transactions from PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones so that organizations can build a cohesive and comprehensive authentication strategy. It also includes free mobile applications to facilitate the use of mobile devices for strong authentication and software development kits (SDKs) to help easily incorporate two-factor authentication into mobile applications.

The CA Strong Authentication server provides a flexible administration console and documented authentication flows to simplify deployment and management. The unique public-key infrastructure (PKI) and OTP software-based credentials that are included provide a higher level of security because of a patented key protection technology that is only available from CA Technologies. CA Strong Authentication is integrated with CA Risk Authentication for adaptive, context aware authentication and CA Single Sign-On to provide a robust solution that helps organizations avoid inappropriate access and fraud.

CA Strong Authentication. Real results, right now.

Reduces risk

Reduces the risk of identity theft, data theft or misuse and fraud.

Improves trust and user adoption

Increases security without altering end users’ login experience.

Simplifies compliance

Employs two-factor authentication to help meet regulatory compliance guidelines.

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