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CA Threat Analytics for Privileged Access Manager

Combat breaches and protect critical corporate and customer data.

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Improved Breach Protection with User Behavior Analytics

CA Threat Analytics for Privileged Access Manager provides a continuous, intelligent monitoring capability that helps enterprises detect and stop hackers and malicious insiders before they cause damage. The software integrates a powerful set of user behavior analytics and machine learning algorithms that highlight activities that pose a higher than normal risk of breach.

Protect Privileged Access and Prevent Breaches

To protect privileged access and prevent breaches, you have to first know your privileged users and their typical behaviors. Then, you can identity anomalies and stop insider attacks before they start. In just four steps, learn how threat analytics can help you proactively prevent breaches.

Protect Your Data the Way Banks Protect Your Money

The credit card industry offers a great example of how organizations can effectively leverage analytics to strengthen their security posture. Credit card companies actively use analytics to monitor all transactions, flag unusual behavior, activate automated controls and reduce fraud. This eBook can help you understand how threat analytics can help your business.


Reduced risk

Continuous analysis of user behavior helps detect high risk operations.

Automatic mitigation

Immediately initiate remediation activity to remove or disable the threat, rather than just logging any suspicious event.

Fast time-to-value

Immediately benefit from breach detection capabilities, improved controls and expanded insights about user behavior; fast deployment with either a soft or hard appliance.

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