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Network Monitoring Software

Assure service quality with CA Unified Infrastructure Management.

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Maintain 360° visibility of your network.

CA Unified Infrastructure Management delivers powerful network monitoring software that provides complete network visibility, enabling you to maintain the highest levels of business service quality. It’s a single, comprehensive solution that helps you optimize operational efficiency while reducing the complexity, cost and hassle of having to use and integrate multiple network monitoring tools.

Powerful Yet Simple

CA Unified Infrastructure Management offers the ease-of-use and simplicity associated with point network monitoring tools yet delivers enterprise scalability and multi-tenancy that power some of the largest and most complex infrastructures across the globe.

Comprehensive Network Monitoring Software

CA Unified Infrastructure Management includes connectivity monitoring for network devices such as routers, switches, servers, applications, printers and practically any other device. A specialized probe verifies network and TCP-based connectivity.

Real-Time Dashboards and Alarms

This network monitoring software enables you to create and customize user-specific network monitoring dashboards. Alarm dashboards can show up-to-the-minute status of critical network links, bandwidth utilization, network latency, response times and other critical network issues.

Network Performance Trend Reports

CA Unified Infrastructure Management allows businesses to track and trend network availability and performance parameters such as network interface utilization, error rates, connectivity failures, latency and any other technical items from a service-level perspective.

Real customers. Real results.

Unicred Increases IT Availability to 98 Percent with CA Unified Infrastructure Management

Boticário Group Improves IT Infrastructure Monitoring and Customer Satisfaction with CA Unified Infrastructure Management

Ball Corporation Spurs Customer Experience and Staff Productivity with a Proactive Approach to IT Monitoring

Free IT Monitoring Software

CA Unified Infrastructure Management Snap enables you to monitor up to 30 devices for free, including servers, applications, databases, storage systems and network devices. You can download, deploy, monitor and report on your most critical servers and network devices in as little as an hour.

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