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Build it better with CA UIM.

See why businesses are choosing our unified infrastructure management solution over the competitors.

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See how CA UIM helps organizations like yours.

Scale as you grow.

“CA UIM provides a single event management solution for our IT Operations staff. The solution has proven to be extremely extendable through scripting, auto operators, and triggers. We replaced BMC and found CA UIM’s scalability significantly better and customization capability superior.”

IT Architect, Large Enterprise Consumer Products Company

TechValidate. TVID: 601-D95-6C9

Create better customer experiences.

A financial services company switched from SolarWinds to CA UIM and improved the end-user experience by up to 50%.

TechValidate. TVID: A5A-7FC-524.

Get a better view.

GEK Holdings switched from HP to CA UIM because the solution provides better visualization of their Infrastructure Health.

TechValidate. TVID: 8DB-9DF-B3A

See for yourself how CA UIM stacks up against the competition.

Market research firm Apprize360 rates CA UIM the highest against HP, SolarWinds and Microsoft. And among open source IT infrastructure monitoring and management solutions, including Nagios, Zabbix and Icinga, CA UIM wins again.

See what our customers have to say.

We were using IBM Tivoli solutions that did not meet monitoring requirements for numerous reasons, like the lack of scalability and technology.

Glenn Burns, Senior System Engineer, Delta Air Lines

Previously we had multiples tools to monitor IT infrastructure and other apps e.g ManageEngine to monitor databases, Nagios to monitor telco devices (switches, and routers, etc.). We switched to CA UIM because we had a lot of issues when we tried to correlate events and get unified metrics from our monitoring tools databases, in the same way we had maintain multiple tools and open tickets with multiples vendors.

Luis Miguel Goez Mora, Services Engineer at a tech services company with 1000+ employees

We previously used BMC. CA UIM shines like the sun compared to BMC with night and day differences in stability, scalability, functionality, features, and quality of support.

Sr. Applications Engineer, university with 100-1000 employees

“Consolidated multiple enterprise monitoring tools into a single toolset (CA UIM). Reduced staff required to support the enterprise. We previously used Solarwinds Orion (NPM), and IBM Netcool. The main issues with them were scalability, features, and cost.”

Senior Monitoring Architect at a tech services company

Better tools get better results.

Better predictive analysis

After replacing BMC with CA UIM, a large enterprise consumer products company improved root cause identification by up to 35%.

TechValidate. TVID: ACB-EB2-263

Better scalability

“We tried several Open Source tools like Nagios and Zenoss, but as the environment grew, we found that those tools wouldn’t scale the way we wanted.”

Jason Downey, Principal System Administrator at a tech company with 100-1000 employees

Better productivity

One financial services company reduced operational chaos by up to 50% when they replaced from BMC monitoring tools with CA UIM.

TechValidate. TVID: 500-792-2B0

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Deliver reliable and agile IT services through a unified monitoring and management solution.

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