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Automation and Operational Intelligence: CA vs. the Others. The choice is clear.

Learn why your peers are choosing CA over the competition.

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Get the freedom to scale as your business demands.

Your business is growing, but your teams are unnecessarily held back by a complex technology footprint: multiple vendors, complex licensing terms or worse, changing terms when you least expect it. Why let short-term pricing terms and vendor lock-ins be a barrier to making the right decision for the long term? With CA, you can achieve a predictable lower total cost of ownership—without killing your budget.

We recently purchased (CA Workload Automation) iDash this year to replace a third party competitor software. Due to licensing [model] and ease of use, it more than paid for itself with the flexibility. That’s a real plus for not only the users but also IT management and upper management as well.

Jack McCarrick, Autosys Administrator, Tech Services Company with 1000+ employees

Atos IT Services switched from BMC to CA Workload Automation.

Source: TechValidate. TVID: 789-103-BB1

400+ customers who switched to CA achieved an average of 24% portfolio reduction and $1.4M in reduced annual OPEX spend.

Embrace Intelligent Operations.

Are you still relying on traditional IT monitoring?  Waiting and watching is reacting. And in today’s App Economy there is no time.  IT SLAs are meaningless if your customers aren’t delighted. Don’t wait for the alert.  With CA Technologies proactive insight and automated resolution, you can find problems before they happen, and take action at the earliest event.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia purchased CA Workload Automation iDash to monitor and manage critical workloads across multiple environments, improve collaboration & responsiveness between business and IT, and enable “what if” scenarios so that they can assess the impact of changes before implementing them.

Source: TechValidate. TVID: F62-7A8-FE4

Atlantic Financial experienced 80 fewer missed SLA events in year 1, and the number increased over the life of the study as the workloads became further optimized and other SLAs were added; translating to lowered SLA penalty payments to $10,500.

I don’t want to be looking at reports. Instead of someone constantly looking through screens of data, the system is going to tell me that the utilization is high, paging is high, transactions rates are high—that is where the solution lies for us.


Foster collaboration.

Root-cause analysis in today’s complex IT environments involves multiple tools, different dashboards and perspectives. The result—multiple versions of the truth. Finger pointing. And hours of rooting around to determine what really went wrong. With CA Technologies automation and intelligence–there is a better way. Now everyone – IT specialists, generalists and app developers—can look at data from multiple sources and take timely action.

[We] have ceased manually performing functions.

Paolo Baroni, Systems Analyst, Mainframe, Insurance Company

CA Workload Automation improves AppDev productivity. One organization saved $2.1M annually by automating tasks their Dev teams spent hours each day managing manually.

32% to 37% improvement in IT administrative staff productivity.

Customers who consolidate and rationalize their Mainframe and Workload Automation portfolio with CA achieve an average of 1.4M in OPEX savings.

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