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Resource Management

CA PPM 15.2 provides simplified resource management with powerful functionality.

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Resource Management at Work

Employees and teams are as good as they are managed. If you want to extract maximum value, you need to start with a management system that drives agility for workers and adaptability across the enterprise.

Information about how people are being allocated across the enterprise should be at your fingertips. That starts with one, consolidated view from which resource managers can understand the activities of all their people and all the work in the queue.

Managing resources from a central location is a cornerstone of CA Project & Portfolio Management (CA PPM). Through it, managers can perform nearly every function associated with their jobs. Drill down to see which specific projects each employee is working on as well as each one’s current allocation percentage. Easily switch from a people view to a project view and back again to clearly understand how they’re intertwined and to evaluate interdependencies.

It’s no wonder that 94% of surveyed organizations rated CA PPM’s resource management as superior or better than the competition.

Source: TechValidate.

Managing resources from a central location is a cornerstone of CA PPM.

Features Designed to Delight Resource Managers

In our neverending endeavor to provide adaptive enterprises with the best resource management solution on the market, we’ve come to understand these truths:

  • Staffing isn’t just an approval process—it’s a collaborative negotiation. 
  • Complex searching algorithms designed for resource management are largely useless. 
  • The key to solving the most common staffing issues is pinpoint focus. 
  • As with everything in today’s app economy, everyday tasks should be fast, easy and intuitive. 

We’ve redesigned our CA PPM solution to provide resource managers with real value.

When your people are engaged, your projects really move. That’s why 72% of surveyed organization agree that CA PPM’s Resource Management [functions enable] the most important capability to their organization.

Source: TechValidate.

Solving Big Problems with a Narrow Focus

The benefits of reconstructing resource management are clear. Our new CA PPM solution provides resource and project managers with a single source of information—truth—for all types of projects, regardless of who’s managing them, what departments they’re in or what teams are involved. One solution to manage every type of project.

CA PPM enables simplified time capture & management.

Delivering Value in the Face of Change

In a fast-changing app economy, agility and alignment are king. Without these attributes, it’s difficult to address top priorities around growth, customers and workforce.

Organizations need to know that they’re developing and delivering the solutions that customers want when they want them. That means aligning the right resources to best-bet projects to roll out new offerings on time and within budget—and ultimately deliver value to the business.

The ability to pivot and align resources with shifting business priorities can create tremendous competitive advantage and business value. Questions such as:

  • Who’s working on your company’s must crucial initiatives? 
  • What’s funded and how spend is tracked on each initiative? 
  • Are you tracking to deliver initiatives on time?

So how can you ensure that your team can respond more quickly to changing business priorities? Get the eBook to learn how.

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