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Server Monitoring Software

Boost IT performance with CA Unified Infrastructure Management.

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Adopt a service-centric approach to server monitoring.

CA Unified Infrastructure Management delivers comprehensive, service-centric server monitoring software designed to help IT gain a unified business service perspective across multiple server platforms. It enables fast and easy issue identification, remediation and alerting capabilities that can help you react to potential issues—before they affect service levels or end users.

Broad server platform support

Businesses running virtually any combination of Linux®, Windows®, UNIX®, Open Enterprise Server or IBM® Power Systems servers can look to this powerful server monitoring software with a single look and feel.

Simple deployment

Rapid deployment for CA Unified Infrastructure Management means minutes not days. You can install the server monitoring software and deploy monitoring to more than 100 servers in less than three minutes.

Powerful yet simple

CA Unified Infrastructure Management offers the ease-of-use and simplicity associated with point server monitoring tools yet delivers enterprise scalability and multi-tenancy that power some of the largest and most complex infrastructures across the globe.

Intuitive visualization and reporting

Intuitive dashboards and sophisticated reporting help you find and fix server or network related problems faster. Plus, it helps keep the bosses happy with executive-level views and scheduled reports.

Intelligent and predictive alerting

Features like dynamic thresholds reduce false alerts and team fatigue. Advance predictive analytics proactively identify issues before user experience suffers. This server monitoring software also shows you a prioritized list of server problems that represent situations administrators should watch.

Unified monitoring

CA UIM is not just a server monitoring software or tool. It provides a single view and architecture to proactively monitor performance of your entire IT infrastructure including physical and virtual servers, networks, packaged applications, cloud, databases, storage and big data.

Real customers. Real results.

Unicred Increases IT Availability to 98 Percent with CA Unified Infrastructure Management

Boticário Group Improves IT Infrastructure Monitoring and Customer Satisfaction with CA Unified Infrastructure Management

Ball Corporation Spurs Customer Experience and Staff Productivity with a Proactive Approach to IT Monitoring

Key Platforms Supported

Windows Servers

CA Unified Infrastructure Management is designed to monitor and analyze the performance and availability of core Windows Server resources to ensure that your business-critical servers are performing optimally.

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Linux and UNIX Servers

Monitor, collect and analyze performance of core Linux and UNIX server components to ensure that your business-critical servers are performing optimally.

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IBM Power Systems

From monitoring application response time at the desktop to monitoring the performance and availability of the IT infrastructure, our solution for IBM Power Systems (formerly AS/400® and iSeries®) can increase productivity across your IT environment.

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Cisco® UCS

Leverage our powerful server monitoring software to eliminate the overhead and expense of manual Cisco UCS monitoring configuration and deployment within the UCS chassis.

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Cloud Monitoring

Improve visibility and IT efficiency by monitoring your on premise and cloud infrastructure through a single solution. With CA UIM don’t have to buy another server monitoring tool for cloud, it provides out of the box monitoring support for Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and VMware vCloud.

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Virtualization Monitoring

Proactively monitor and manage your physical and virtual servers through a single console. CA UIM provide pre-packaged templates and monitoring support for popular virtualization technologies such as VMWare, Hyper-V and XenServer.

Packaged Application Monitoring

Ensure reliability of your critical business applications such as SAP, Microsoft Exchange, JBoss and Active directory through comprehensive, unified IT infrastructure and server monitoring.

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