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Software Asset Management

Getting Beyond Just Software License Compliance

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What is Software Asset Management and Why is it Important?

Software asset management is the management and reconciliation of the physical, financial and contractual lifecycle of software assets. It enables the delivery of cost-efficient, timely business knowledge to better manage and control the business and operational aspects of IT. Software asset management includes managing and optimizing the purchase, deployment, maintenance, utilization and disposal of software applications within an organization.

The right software asset management solution can help you simplify the cost, complexity and compliance equation around managing software assets, so you can focus less on day-to-day operations and more on bringing value to the business.

The State of Software Asset Management Today

Most IT software asset management effort is devoted to overseeing thousands of applications that keep the business running. But the reality is there is much more to it than just keeping things running. Unfortunately, most are ill equipped to do effective software asset management for these reasons:

  • They use only spreadsheets or static historical reports
  • Lack understanding of “who is using what”
  • Ignore the over- and under- licensing of software
  • Don’t understand or proactively manage the entire asset lifecycle, vendor history, contractual elements, license allocations or cost elements 
  • Business consumers lack visibility into their assets and it is difficult to request new or replacement assets 
  • Struggle with complex, expanding and changing license models, too many vendors and contracts, and proliferating virtual and cloud services

Software Asset Management: Getting it Right

Taking the right approach and addressing things in the right order can go a long way to successful software asset management. Bringing together the right data associated with your devices and users, the software products in your organization and the licenses governing the software, you have the right ingredients. Then, bringing them together in a robust technology solution, you have what it takes for a successful software asset management effort.

Take the Pain out of Compliance and Audits

A dynamic, personalized software asset management dashboard can provide key indicators for the highest software license audit risks, the most expensive licenses, the most important publishers and the largest contracts. In cases where your organization is audited, this information can significantly reduce the effort necessary to report and negotiate with the license vendor, as well as reduce your chances of owing a compliance fine.

Beyond Compliance: Optimization and Simulation

Optimization and simulation changes software asset management from a static reporting effort into a dynamic process. It helps analyze the endless licensing options and determine the effects of infrastructure changes on license demand—with a constant eye on cost-benefit analysis. Software asset management can become an active, strategic part of the enterprise architecture, vendor negotiations, procurement planning and portfolio management.

See How CA IT Asset Manager Can Help Improve Your Software Asset Management

The CA software asset management solution enables you to holistically manage your IT assets. You can determine what assets are available and in use, improve organizational distribution of those assets, and increase productivity around license reporting and audit responses. The result is you can reduce the risk of license compliance and optimize the cost, management and distribution of your existing and future software assets.

Get more from your IT asset investments with the right IT asset management software.

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