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Test Case Design

Exceed your app delivery goal for quality with maximum functional test coverage.

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Shift left testing into the design phase

Shift left your testing efforts into the design phase to map test cases, data and automated tests directly from business requirements. When user needs change, our testing tools update test assets automatically, helping you achieve rigorous testing in less time. You can shorten test cycles by up to 30 percent and boost application quality while generating the 100% of the tests needed for maximum functional coverage.


Test Case Design. Better test coverage for better apps.

Build better requirements.

Get testing tools that improve the quality of requirements for testing with CA Agile Requirements Designer.

Reduce testing costs.

Lower remediation costs when you detect defects earlier.

Improve quality.

Optimize testing by getting 100 percent functional coverage with the smallest number of tests.

Improve your application quality with maximum coverage from CA Technologies Test Case Design solutions.

Save time and money with testing tools from CA. Thanks to more accurate requirements, greater test coverage, faster test creation and repeatable test execution, you’ll free your teams and resources to focus on higher-value tasks.

Real customers. Real results.


“After two business days, we had executed all 137 test scripts with 100 percent coverage and zero defects found. A result to be proud of.” — a.s.r Testing Engineer

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