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Workload Automation

Deliver continuous operations with your business applications.

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Enable intelligent business automation delivering the agile enterprise.

Workload Automation gives you the agility, speed, visibility and scalability needed to respond to the constantly changing technology landscape. This next-generation enterprise automation product centrally manages the execution of all your business processes across mainframe, cloud or hybrid environments in a way it never stops – even when doing an upgrade to the next version.

68% of surveyed customers prefer CA Workload Automation over BMC Control-M for visualizing workloads across the enterprise.

Source: TechValidate, Survey of Users of CA Workload Automation, Commissioned by CA.

CA Workload Automation, Delivering on the Promise of the Fully Automated Enterprise

Scale with greater confidence.

Unlimited jobs. No surprises. No limits: Up to half a million agents in one environment.

Succeed with intelligent business automation.

Don’t just run jobs, create the agile enterprise.

Simplify application automation.

Don’t just automate tasks, orchestrate the entire business process by seamlessly handling workloads like Hadoop, ERP and the cloud.

Real customers. Real results.

Fossil Watches Enterprise Processing with CA Automic Workload Automation

CCEE achieved 20x increase in processing capability with CA Workload Automation.

CA Workload Automation Helps Gaumont Safeguard Business-critical Processes.

Solutions for Distributed Environments

CA Automic Workload Automation

Intelligent business automation delivering the agile enterprise.

Enterprise Job Scheduling Automation

Get a smart alternative for job scheduling.

CA Automic Dollar Universe

Decentralize workload automation

CA Automic Applications Manager

Accelerate your Ellucian’s Banner or Fiserv DNA processing.

CA Automic Sysload

Analyze and optimize the performance of the IT systems that support your business.

CA Workload Automation DE

Automation That Enables Enterprises to Deliver Powerful Outcomes in Today’s Economy

CA Workload Automation AE

Automation that Delivers Significant Competitive Business Advantage

Solutions for IBM zSystems™ Mainframes

Mainframe business automation delivering continuous operations with your business application processing.

Mainframe enterprise automation that delivers business agility and reliability.

Read what others are saying about Workload Automation.

Recently 84.51° embarked on an incredible journey with CA. By partnering with the CA team, we were able to successfully and completely replace our previous workload automation tool with CA Automic Workload Automation in less than 90 days. Due to the success of that project, we subsequently ran a successful POC of CA Automic Release Automation and are in the process of implementing that at this time. This gives us the speed and agility we need to get new application updates and services to our clients."

Jeff Schmidt, Senior Automation Engineer, 84.51°

BMC Control-M was the product we tried, but it was a costlier solution than CA Workload Automation products.”

IT Specialist, Global 500 Insurance Company

Source: TechValidate.

For organizations looking to upgrade from an Open Source job scheduler to an enterprise level workload automation solution: CA Workload Automation increased productivity of Application Development teams by $2.1M by reducing 50 hours per day spent managing workloads.”

Forrester TEI Study

Grow your digital business with CA Workload Automation.

Better manage costs and risks by simplifying workload management.

Up to 50% improved workload definition staff productivity.

Up to 30% reduced compliance costs.

Up to 50% workload monitoring staff productivity.

Are you ready to save?

Explore benefit scenarios of CA Workload Automation, and calculate potential ROI for your company.

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