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Modern automation at the speed of business coupled with the uncompromised operational control.

CA Workload Automation enables application and operations teams to work together to respond quickly to real-time business demands by reducing the complexity of managing application workloads across physical, virtual and cloud environments. Deliver major business applications with greater reliability and flexibility, in sync with workflows running across your organization. CA Workload Automation is built to scale, powering flawless experiences demanded by today’s digital businesses.

CA Workload Automation. Unmatched reliability and value from a partner you can trust.

Scale with Confidence

Rely on the industry’s most trusted automation solution that powers millions of workloads for thousands of customers per day.

Contain application complexity

Seamlessly orchestrate enterprise-wide workload automation across a variety of environments – AWS, Hadoop, Cloud, On-Premise, custom and ERP applications

Reduce opex

Improve administrative staff productivity by up to 37 percent*.

Solutions for Distributed Environments

CA Workload Automation DE (dSeries)

Easy to use with superior integration to CA Workload Automation ESP.

CA Workload Automation AE (Autosys®)

Highly scalable, defacto standard for complex workloads.

Solutions for IBM zSystems™ Mainframes

CA Workload Automation ESP Edition

Dynamic scheduler that minimizes batch windows for optimal performance.

CA Workload Automation CA 7® Edition

Fault-tolerant, highly available with easy-to-use UI.

Real customers. Real results.

Hanwha Life automates over 5,000 tasks daily to speed data processing and simplify management.

CCEE achieved 20x increase in processing capability with CA Workload Automation.

Banco Mercantil do Brasil improved job monitoring, and enhanced operations with CA Workload Automation.

No surprises. No pricing games. Just peace of mind.

68% of surveyed customers prefer CA Workload Automation over BMC Control-M for visualizing workloads across the enterprise.

Source: TechValidate, Survey of Users of CA Workload Automation, Commissioned by CA, TVID: C39-C9A-B3F

BMC Control-M was the product we tried, but it was a costlier solution than CA Workload Automation products.”

IT Specialist, Global 500 Insurance Company

Source: TechValidate, TVID: 588-D18-040

For organizations looking to upgrade from an Open Source job scheduler to an enterprise level workload automation solution: CA Workload Automation increased productivity of Application Development teams by $2.1M by reducing 50 hours per day spent managing workloads.”

Forrester TEI Study

Your peers are choosing CA Workload Automation instead of the competition.

Grow your digital business with CA Workload Automation.

Better manage costs and risks by simplifying workload management.

Up to 50% improved workload definition staff productivity.

Up to 30% reduced compliance costs.

Up to 50% workload monitoring staff productivity.

Are you ready to save?

Explore benefit scenarios of CA Workload Automation, and calculate potential ROI for your company.

Get the most from your CA Solutions with our latest workload innovations.



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