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CA helps thousands of companies succeed in the application economy.

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According to Oxford Research, 78% of enterprises believe software-driven business models will be a critical driver of competitive advantage in the next three years.

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Create market opportunity (no matter what market you’re in).

From finance to fashion and government to entertainment, every business today is in the software business. Which is why companies are retooling and transforming to compete. Only CA has the depth of technology, expertise and scale to help your business make the most of the application economy.

Every day, we help our customers move their business forward.

L’Oréal Expands Digital Ecosystem Across the Americas with CA API Management

Blue Hill Increases Value to Customers Through Standardized Mainframe Management

Unicred Increases IT Availability to 98 Percent with CA Unified Infrastructure Management

BT Safeguards Customer Experience and Saves £4.5 Million a Year with CA Single Sign-On

Are you ready for the Application Economy?

Do you have the tools and expertise you need to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity? We do. Let us put our proven capabilities to work for you — and help transform your business.

Digital Transformation: Where do you start?

Understanding and building the capabilities you need are challenges that demand CA as your partner. How do you increase speed to market? Ensure security and authentication? Deliver an amazing customer experience? Look to us for the answers, and more.

Digitally Remastered:
Building Software into Your Business DNA

Today, your company's brand is defined by digital experiences.  And to make them great, you need to put software at the center of your business. CA CTO Otto Berkes shows you how in this important new book.

Proven expertise to transform all aspects of your business

Digital transformation isn’t easy. But it is essential. We’re here to lend a hand, with proven key practices that have helped thousands of companies succeed.

Agile Management

Agile Management

Use change to your advantage with proven practices and processes.

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API Management

Maximize existing data sources to create next-generation applications.

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Unify your teams, accelerate delivery, and create a cycle of constant improvement.

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Transform legacy assets into an engine for innovation.

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Protect and enable your business with identity-centric solutions.

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The application economy is disrupting every industry.

While the application economy affects every industry, every industry is also unique. We know yours. We understand your individual challenges, and can craft solutions to meet your specific needs. 

Stay part of the conversation.

There's a wealth of content, expertise and information available on our social channels, blogs and forums. Things happen fast in the application economy, so stay connected and informed with CA.

CA World ‘16

It may be over, but you still can access insights needed to thrive in the application economy.

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Insights from the app-driven world.

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