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With software designed to remove the barriers between your business and your next big idea. In the application economy, speed to market can be the difference between runaway success and a missed opportunity. How do you build a software factory to rapidly innovate, test, secure and deliver the apps and services your customers want? CA software helps at every stage of the process. From planning to development and testing, management and security, CA delivers the solutions you need to drive success for your teams and your business.

The Four Key Steps

Provide access to new information sources via APIs

Provide access to new information sources via APIs.

Test applications faster and more efficiently

Test applications faster and more efficiently.

Release apps faster to keep customers happy

Release apps faster to keep customers happy.

Connect the speed of agile to highest return on investments.

Drive agility with better planning.

Get ready to move faster than your competition and respond first to new market opportunities. More than 1,500 of the world’s leading organizations depend on CA Project & Portfolio Management to drive business transformation and operational excellence, and to accelerate innovation. Executives rely on its power to make smart decisions, drive better communication and transparency and reduce their investment risk.

Provide access to new information sources via APIs.

Connect data and systems with APIs.

APIs create the connectivity required to launch new applications and services. They provide the ability to share enterprise data and content over the Internet and empower developers to create apps across all of these new channels. CA API Management helps an enterprise position itself to quickly deploy, scale and manage APIs to execute new digital business programs.

Test applications faster while automating the release process.

Deliver next-gen apps faster with higher quality and reduced costs.

CA Technologies can help you accelerate the time to release applications, improve quality and reduces costs simultaneously. We can help power your agile and DevOps processes by speeding up the pace of development and effectiveness of testing.

Move development and test tasks earlier in the software lifecycle to help reduce time-to-market, lower infrastructure costs, reduce contention for labs and better overall application quality. Service Virtualization helps eliminate constraints by modeling and simulating the behavior and performance characteristics of dependent systems and services.

Ensure business-critical legacy systems integrate with customer-facing systems across Web and mobile.

Deploy apps at pace with agile development

To deliver apps and updates faster, you need to deploy faster. CA Release Automation enables you to deploy on demand with complete control and transparency of the entire release pipeline.

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