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Agile Management

Redefine how work is planned, executed and serviced to deliver more value, more rapidly.

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CA Agile Central

Build and deliver the right software with speed, quality and efficiency.

CA Project & Portfolio Management

Gain confidence your business strategy is on target through better planning and insights.

CA Service Management

Designed for humans, built for service. Deliver faster service with new user experience.

A unique combination of agile development and enterprise portfolio management capabilities drives business agility.

CA Project & Portfolio Management and CA Agile Central helps companies to effectively balance agility and governance by connecting the work of agile teams to the enterprise portfolio.

Agile is more than a methodology.

It’s a mindset that changes how you deliver value to your customers—one that transforms market strategy into marketable innovation. When you’re agile, the right people will always get access to the right information, faster than ever before. You’ll remove the barriers that separate your teams. And you’ll transform app delivery from an end result into a continuous, evolving part of your business. So you’ll be poised to create change, not just react to it.

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Your agility journey starts here.

Agile Management is your key to success in the application economy. But figuring out how to get started can be tough. Not anymore. CA Technologies has the expertise to help you effectively implement agile practices and techniques—plus the right technologies to support your agile evolution. We’ll give you the flexibility to fine-tune your approach on the go. And we’ll support you with deep insights into funding, resources and investments so you can always move faster, smarter.

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