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Test as You Go

Test applications in the cloud faster and more comprehensively with CA.

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The power of the cloud, put to the test.

DevOps transformation happens when developers and testers can build applications without waiting. But teams can experience long delays performance testing in the public cloud. The answer: service virtualization in the cloud.

Simulate to accelerate.

Now your organization can create Dev and Test virtualized services for unlimited capacity and 24/7 availability. Simulate third-party systems, reduce costs, improve app quality and lower fail rates with CA Service Virtualization.

The right data at the right time.

Testing teams can experience long delays accessing production data, making it out-of-date and out-of-sync when it’s finally available for cloud testing. CA Test Data Manager uses synthetic data in public, private or hybrid cloud scenarios, so you’re never kept waiting.

Compliant and convenient.

Testing teams can encounter compliance issues after moving non-masked data to the cloud for testing. CA Test Data Manager provides automatic masking rules so sensitive unmasked data stays out of the cloud.

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