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Build your application architecture with microservices and APIs for agility, scale and security.

Create Microservices

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Move to microservices to accelerate your digital transformation.

You want to deliver new innovations, release apps faster and take advantage of new opportunities, but legacy applications and infrastructure are holding you back. Transition to a modern architecture by decomposing monolithic applications into agile microservices—independently created, managed and scaled. Your business will be able to act faster and developers will love the easy access to APIs that give them the freedom to focus on customer experience.

Start with Microservice Strategy and Design

CA has the API Academy, a team of API thought leaders who wrote the book on microservice architecture and provide organizations with the education and consulting they need to build better APIs and microservices, improve software delivery and execute on broader digital strategies.

Building Microservices

CA Live API Creator is the only automated, low-code microservices development solution and works up to 10x faster than other approaches. It creates and exposes domain-driven microservices and REST APIs as application backends, providing access to orchestrated data and functionality from both new and legacy systems.

Orchestrate and Secure Microservices

Using an API gateway is the best-practice approach to ensuring your microservice architecture is secure and well-orchestrated. The industry-leading CA API Gateway is containerized and deployable in Docker®, which enables architecture and development teams to transform, route and mediate in a microservices environment, while providing best-in-class OAuth security and authentication to protect your business.

Monitor and Optimize Microservices

CA Application Performance Management (CA APM) delivers seamless unified monitoring of infrastructure and applications, including containers, microservices, APIs and mobile technologies.

With its integration to CA API Gateway, you have a complete solution for closed-loop monitoring and automation of all your API-connected applications and microservices.

More Microservices Innovation Coming Soon from CA

Visual modelling tool to bridge Dev and Ops.

Continuous delivery via proven, container-native workflows.

Seamless observability for Dev and Ops with monitoring as code.